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Three Things We Learned From Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson's Thursday Press Conference

Three things we learned from Russell Wilson's press conference with the media on Thursday.

Before the Seahawks broke for practice on "No Turnover Thursday" at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, quarterback Russell Wilson spoke with the media leading up to Seattle's Week 3 matchup against the 49ers. Here are three things we learned from Wilson:

1. He's "Definitely Feeling Better This Week"

Wilson suffered an ankle sprain in the season opener against the Dolphins, but managed to not miss a snap in that game, in addition to the proceeding one. With another week of rehab and treatment under his belt, Wilson said feels much better, and he should hopefully be a little bit more agile on the field against the 49ers. 

"I'm definitely feeling better this week," Wilson said. "Last week was a battle, but getting a little bit better every day and every week, that's the goal. The trainers are doing a great job and just the mentality of doing everything I can and just to heal up as best as I can and to move quickly."

When it comes to the treatment he's received, Wilson said nothing has changed this week compared to last.

"It's really the same," Wilson said. "I'm just trying to — in terms of the treatment style — constantly work on it. That's just the way that I approach things, especially when it comes to treatment."

2. "Everything Starts With Protection"

One of the reasons Wilson has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in football is because of his mobility to extend plays and move the ball downfield. The injury has limited that element of his game, but Wilson delivered an interesting answer when asked about how he has learned to be a less-mobile QB.

"I think first everything starts with protection," Wilson said. "Just understanding and becoming a master at protection and putting us in a great situation, and getting the ball out. Sometimes as you start off, you don't know if that window will fit, if that play will work quite as much, so now I kind of really know those things.

"I've been having obviously tons of fun, just working on my craft. That's the part on the offseason where you study, you build, you continue to work on those relationships. You continue to work on the knowledge of the game, the love of the game. That's where I have the most fun playing the game of football."

3. Jimmy Graham Was "On Top Of It" Against The Rams 

The Seahawks are working tight end Jimmy Graham back into the fold after the 6-7 pro tore his patellar tendon last season. Graham didn't play in the preseason, and his 17 snaps in Week 1 against the Dolphins was his first extended dose of physical contact in months. Against the Rams, those snap numbers jumped to 55, with him hauling in three catches for 42 yards on four targets. Wilson was impressed with how Graham performed.

"He did phenomenal in the game the other night," Wilson said. "The plays that he made, the catches that he made, the two-minute situations, he really was just on top of it. We felt really confident to see him play I think it was 52, 53, 55 plays, something like that, which is a lot coming back from where he was."

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