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Three Things We Learned From Richard Sherman's Wednesday Press Conference

Three takeaways from Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman's session with the media on “Competition Wednesday” at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman spoke with the media before the team's "Competition Wednesday" practice at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Here are three takeaways from Sherman's press conference, one he described as being "pumped" for with the season about to begin:

1. Sherman has seen the defense evolve "a ton" over the years

When asked how the defense has grown recently, Sherman was straight-forward with his response.

"A ton." Sherman said. "We've evolved over the years. Compared to what the defense looks like on paper and what we put on the field, you probably wouldn't really recognize it. Some of our guys put their own spins on it and it works out differently. That's why it's not as simple as they all say. 'You're either playing 'Cover-1 or Cover-3, or this, that and the other', and it doesn't look the same way that other people's does."

2. The offense is starting quicker than they have in the past

Sherman was asked how good the Seahawks offense is now compared to where they've been in the past. The one thing he noticed is how quicker they've been with their spots and concepts. He said during a season, it usually takes them a little while to "warm it up", but they've sped up that process thus far.

"They're just starting a little quicker now than they have in the past couple years." Sherman said. "Usually it takes them a while to kind of warm it up, to get used to the concepts, to get comfortable in their spots and I think they've expedited that process a bit and they've gotten to where they were probably midseason [in 2015] a little earlier than they were before and that's exciting to see."

3. Pete Carroll's coaching style is a "different brand"

Pete Carroll has been Sherman's only NFL head coach, but when asked how Carroll compares to other football coaches he's had (which in this case, are only his college and high school ones) Sherman reflected on how his style allows players to be themselves. 

"It's just different brand." Sherman said. "It takes a lot of stress off of players when you can play free and you go out there and understand that as long as you play as hard as you can and compete, then they're going to be happy with the results.

"I don't think it's coaching for him, I think that's just how he lives his life. Because outside of coaching he's the same way. He's the same super optimistic, happy-go-lucky, not a problem in the world kind of guy."

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