Three Things We Learned From Pete Carroll's Preseason Week 4 Wednesday Press Conference

Key takeaways from Seattle head coach Pete Carroll's Wednesday press conference at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The Seahawks held their final practice Wednesday at the Virginia Mason Center before hitting the road to Oakland to conclude preseason action.

Head coach Pete Carroll spoke with the media before the team's departure about what to expect against the Raiders, plus the team's injury situation. Here are three more notable things he said:

1. The Door Is Still Open For Brandon Browner

Earlier this week, the Seahawks started making moves in order to reach the NFL's roster limit of 75 by Tuesday's 1 p.m. PT deadline. Veteran defensive back Brandon Browner was among the first round of cuts, ending his second-stint with the Seahawks early.

Unlike his original stint with the Seahawks where he played on the outside, Browner worked primarily as a hybrid-safety in camp. Carroll said there just wasn't enough time for Browner to fully adjust to his new role on defense, which influenced the team to waive the former Pro Bowl player.

"We just felt like we ran out of time getting him ready to play safety." Carroll said. "Especially stuff he can do and there's no question about that. But to fit in the roster and all that, I thought that it was going to be a race for him to make it."

Carroll didn't rule out the possibility that Browner could have a third stint with the Seahawks in the future.

"There's many scenarios where we would ask him to come back," Carroll said, "and we left with that exchange. I love that guy and his competivness and toughness and all of that.

"We weren't making him play safety and faking it. We needed him to play and be on the roster to help us and the other guys were just ahead of him."

Take a player-by-player look at the Seattle Seahawks 75-man roster following Tuesday's NFL-mandated roster reduction.

2. Joey Hunt Impresses

In the battle for the backup center job, rookie Joey Hunt edged out Patrick Lewis, who was waived on Tuesday and claimed by the Bills today. Carroll spoke highly of Hunt's work ethic in camp:

"Joey [Hunt] has done a great job." Carroll said. "He's been really sharp. [He has] an understanding of what we want. He comes from a wealth of experience and they [TCU] did a great job with him, reading defenses and translates it into our terminology. He helps guys around him because he's so bright. Plus, he's played really well, so he created that competition."

3. NBA Coaches Pick His Brain

NBA coaches are always welcome to visit the VMAC. From Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd, to Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey, coaches regardless of the sport they're in always have things to pick from Carroll. When asked specifically what pro basketball coaches typically inquire about, Carroll said it's mostly about team culture.

"I don't know, you've got to ask those guys." Carroll said. "But I know they're always curious about the overall culture types of questions. That's what they're basically [interested in]. I'm not really talking about the triangle offense too much with them, so we don't get into any of those specifics, because I have a real feeling about that. But, it's basically about general managing and then they like to talk about the issues they've had and how we handle that stuff. I've really welcomed [them], and it's great to see our guys come through. Dwane Casey has been coming through for a while and he's an extraordinarily sharp guy. I get the benefit out of talking to those guys so I love them when they show up."

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