Three Things We Learned From Defensive End Michael Bennett on Day 7 of Seahawks Training Camp

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett met with the media Saturday and discussed the team's passionate play along the line of scrimmage in training camp.

Michael Bennett met with the media following the Seahawks' seventh practice of training camp at Virginia Mason Athletic Center. Here's three things we learned from the Seahawks defensive end:

1. Pete Carroll's Message To Him On Thursday

During a passion-filled practice this past Thursday, Bennett was involved in a couple confrontations with Seattle's offensive line, with one skirmish leading to Bennett's removal from the day's workout by Pete Carroll. Bennett said the Seahawks head coach was sending a message to the younger players, with Carroll saying Thursday, "you get in a skirmish, you get thrown out." It was a message Bennett said he received loud and clear.

"He just said that he just wanted to show the team that if he kicks one of the best players out he will do it to anybody, just a message," Bennett said of Carroll. "It is cool to me. I understand what kind of standard that is upheld from me and the rest of the players and that's just a part of the game. You get heated and be able to calm down and be able to come back and talk to your teammates and remember that you are teammates. Sometimes you forget about that as players and you have to make sure you don't forget that and remember to take care of each other because at the end of the day we need everybody on the field every game."

2. The Advice He's Giving To Germain Ifedi

One of the players who's been in a few scuffles with Bennett throughout training camp has been rookie offensive lineman Germain Ifedi, who like Bennett attended Texas A&M. While the pair has engaged in spirited bouts on the field, battles that "make me the best player I can be" as Ifedi put it Friday, off the field Bennett has offered Ifedi and other first-year players advice as they adjust to life in the League.

"He's from my alma mater, he's an Aggie, so whenever Aggies come along, he has that Aggie network," Bennett said of Ifedi. "I definitely just want to help them from advice, to agent advice, stuff like that. All kinds of things we learned along the way, how to take care of your body, how to be a professional, what you need to do, what don't you need to do, what you need to stay away from. That's the most important advice you can give a player when they come into the league because you don't want too many players to make the same mistakes that players before them made.

"That's our job, as a group of players in the NFL, is to take care of the young guys because at the end of the day, they're the ones who are going to take over the game when we're done. We've got four or five more years and then they got 10 years going into this thing. They're the ones that have to leave their name and stuff on the game, so we just have to help them figure their way out."

3. What It's Like Playing Up Front

Before Bennett took the podium, assistant head coach/offensive line coach Tom Cable met with reporters and said every play along the line of scrimmage is "like a bar fight." When asked about the reference, Bennett came up with his own analogy.

"It is kind of like a bar fight," he said. "I've never been in a bar fight, or not one that I would say that I've been in. But it's just like two trucks running into each other and at the end of the day who has more horse power. At the end of the day I tend to have more horse power and so does Cliff [Avril] and those guys. We always run into each other and keep going back and forth, back and back. It is all about just playing with passion and that is something we do a great job of."

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