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Three Takeaways From Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson On 710 ESPN Seattle

Training camp takeaways from Russell Wilson's conversation on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joined the team's flagship radio station 710 ESPN Seattle on Wednesday morning for a 17-minute conversation with "Brock and Salk." The full audio segment is embedded for you above and a few discussion highlights from Wilson's talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk are laid out for you below.

1. Staying In Seattle Was Important

This past Friday, prior to the team's first practice of training camp, Wilson signed a four-year contract extension that will keep him with the Seahawks through the 2019 season. It was the end result of negotiations between Wilson's agent and the club that spanned a majority of this past offseason. The Seahawks signal caller was asked what was important to him throughout that process.

"To play here for a long time," Wilson replied.

Wilson also said it was important for him to be compensated for how he's played so far and for how he projects to play down the road.

"I think with success and opportunity a lot of cool things come around the corner, especially nowadays," said Wilson. "But honestly, I have my focus where I need to have my focus and my mentality where I have my mentality, and that's a championship mentality and going out and stepping on the field every day to win."

2. He's Faster, And The Game Is Slower

Wilson rushed for a career-high 849 yards last season. It was the most yards of any quarterback in the League and the 16th-most yards in the NFL. He also added six touchdowns with his legs.

One of Wilson's goals for 2015 was to become even quicker on the ground and he was asked if he thinks he's faster now than he was last year.

"Yeah, I definitely am," Wilson said. "So I'm excited to step on the field."

As Wilson speeds up, the 26-year-old fourth-year quarterback says the game around him has started to slow down.

"That's the goal," Wilson said. "You want the game to slow down for you. Make the decisions. Take what they give you. See everything. Be on time. Be great with the protections. Be great with everything. So I think it's definitely slowing down."

3. They're Ready To Go

Asked to finish the sentence, "Jimmy Graham is ..." Wilson had a one-word answer: "Lethal." The Seahawks quarterback pointed to how the 6-foot-7, 265-pound, three-time Pro Bowl tight end will help the receiving corps as a whole, while also opening more holes in the running game for Marshawn Lynch.

"A lot of explosive plays, a lot of touchdowns, a lot of execution, a lot of fire," Wilson said when asked what he sees as he looks around Seattle's offensive huddle. "Ultimately, these guys are going to play every whistle, every play until the end of the whistle, and they're going to play 100 percent every play.

"It's going to be one those things, you can't wait to get to preseason. You can't wait to play somebody else. We're ready to go."

Photos of Russell Wilson showing his versatilty on the field by running the ball.

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