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The Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl XLIX Hashtag Glossary

Every hashtag you need to know for the Seahawks' run at Super Bowl XLIX.


Hashtags. They're used used on social media to curate conversation around a specific word, character, or phrase.

You've likely seen hashtags incorporated in TV shows, commercials, movies, music, or catered for current events. Hashtags have even made their way into everyday conversation.

Seahawks players and coaches utilize hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as a way to help build their personal brand and stay connected with fans. And of course, the Seahawks digital media team is a big fan of using them on our social channels, too.

As the Seahawks travel to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots, we thought it would be the perfect time to lay out every hashtag our digital media department will favor leading up to February's big game and follow each up with a closer look at how, when, and why we'll use each one.

Hashtags are ever-evolving. A new one can pop up any any moment. If one catches steam, we'll do our best to add it to the list below.


We'll start with the hashtag that references the people most likely reading this article. The Seahawks field 11 players on both sides of the ball and No. 12 is reserved for you - the #12s - some of the [world's loudest fans](/12th-Man/index.html "/12th-Man/index.html

Ctrl Click to follow link") that provide Seattle with the best home-field advantage in the NFL.


A holiday campaign that called attention to Seahawks fans performing acts of kindness on a daily basis. Use this hashtag if you spot a Seattle fan doing a good deed.


As the only NFL team in the upper-left corner of the United States, the Seahawks fan base ranges from as far north as Alaska to parts of Canada, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. But there are 12s everywhere - all around the world - and you do a good job of making your presence felt. Use #12sEverywhere when referencing a strong showing of Seahawks support in a not-so-normal setting.


The central theme of Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll's coaching philosophy. It's a phrase Carroll uses to define himself in all aspects of his life - as a coach, a teacher, a husband, a father, and more. Use this hashtag when referencing a willingness to go above and beyond and when on a constant quest to be the best.


A no-fly zone occupied by No. 29 - free safety Earl Thomas. Footballs in this space are at high-risk of interception. Use this hashtag when referencing Thomas.


Hard-hitting strong safety Kam Chancellor has the word "Bam" tattooed on each of his shoulders. Use this hashtag when referencing Chancellor.


An ode to Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's physical mentality and punishing play-style. Use this hashtag when referencing Lynch.


The mindset Carroll has instilled in this club. The Seahawks treat every game like a championship opportunity. The goal is to go 1-0 every week.


What Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has said to close out every press conference since he was drafted by the Seahawks in 2012. Need an example? Here's [a compilation of Wilson's press conference-closing "Go Hawks"](/videos-photos/videos/GoHawks/845e8192-04e2-495f-95fa-144afcd49b07 "/videos-photos/videos/GoHawks/845e8192-04e2-495f-95fa-144afcd49b07

Ctrl Click to follow link") from earlier this season. Use the #GoHawks hashtag as a rallying cry for all things Seahawks.


This hashtag gained steam during last year's run at Super Bowl XLVIII when it was impossible to drive through downtown Seattle without noticing the countless houses, apartment buildings, workplaces, and Seattle landmarks showing their Seahawks pride. It's back for Super Bowl XLIX.


Russell Wilson-ism referencing one's ability to eliminate all distractions, not get too high after receiving praise, or get too low after criticism. An ability to stay in the moment and always compete at the highest level possible.


Are you in? Use this hashtag to show the Seahawks you have their back on during this year's playoff run. Want to take things a step further? Tap in on this virtual map and join #12sEverywhere on the run to Super Bowl XLIX.


A reminder from Carroll to his players that wherever they go and whatever they do they're job is to represent the Seahawks in the best manner possible - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


A reference to the Seahawks' "Legion of Boom" secondary, namely cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell and safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. However, those four would be the first to tell you the #LOB extends to the whole defense, and ultimately, the entire team. #LOB took on new meaning this past season - "Love Our Brothers" - a reference to the tight-knit family atmosphere the Seahawks showcase.


The best way to curate content around Super Bowl XLIX itself. The road team is always referenced first (in this case, the Patriots) and the home team (the Seahawks) is always referenced second, with a "vs" sandwiched in between.


Russell Wilson believes he has no time to sleep because there's always somebody trying to work that much harder than him. However, earlier this year he admitted there's [one day a week when he likes to catch some shut eye](/news/articles/article-1/Russell-Wilson-Theres-no-time-to-sleep-except-on-Saturdays/8694c395-4741-46c3-adb4-c5b49dd2ecad "/news/articles/article-1/Russell-Wilson-Theres-no-time-to-sleep-except-on-Saturdays/8694c395-4741-46c3-adb4-c5b49dd2ecad

Ctrl Click to follow link"). Use this hashtag when striving for greatness.


The official hashtag of Super Bowl XLIX, because frankly, roman numerals can get confusing. Use the #SB49 hashtag in reference to all Super Bowl related events and activities.


Tuesday, Jan. 27 marks 'Media Day' at U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Ariz. It differs from every other media availability throughout the rest of Super Bowl week in that every player and coach from each team will be available for questions at the same site. We'll stream the event live right here on


A nod to the team's support for the U.S. military. Use #SeahawksSalute as a sign of respect for 12s serving in our armed forces.


The official hashtag of the Seahawks' Super Bowl send-off taking place on Sunday, Jan. 25. Use #SeahawksSendOff to show your support for the team as they travel to Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX.


Hard work pays off. Wilson's relentless approach to the game allows him to separate himself from the rest, giving him a competitive edge over his opponent.


Coach Carroll is a big proponent of pumping music into each practice and before every team meeting, so it's no surprise that he likes to tweet out a #SOTD - "Song of the Day" - every once in a while.


Another way to reference support from the Seahawks faithful.


An acronym for "Thank Goodness It's Blue Friday." The Friday before each Seahawks game we encourage #12s to [showcase the "Spirit of 12" on social media utilizing the #TGIBF hashtag](/12th-Man/tagboard/tgibf.html "/12th-Man/tagboard/tgibf.html

Ctrl Click to follow link").


When 12s take selfies, they become Twelfies. Use #Twelfie with every selfie you take when representing the Seahawks.


Players, coaches, staff and fans, this team belongs to each of us equally. This hashtag serves to aggregate the pride, excitement, and conversation of 12s of all kinds across the globe.


A two-word phrase [once uttered by former endurance athlete and Navy Seal David Googins](/news/articles/article-1/What's-Next/73ec77b3-a63e-4d79-828e-274c57999740 "/news/articles/article-1/What's-Next/73ec77b3-a63e-4d79-828e-274c57999740

Ctrl Click to follow link") that was one of the first things coach Pete Carroll said to his club following the Seahawks' 43-8 victory in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos last season.

It's a saying the Seahawks have taken to heart and a hashtag that social media has embraced.

"It's about forward thinking," Carroll said. "It's always pushing ahead. It's not dwelling on your accomplishments, but always looking to the future and what's coming your way."


Carroll's relentless pursuit of the competitive edge. Use this hashtag when doing things better than they have ever been done before.



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