'The Players Lounge' Podcast Gives Seahawks Fans A Different Perspective

The Players Lounge helps 12s know more about their favorite Seahawks players away from the football field.


Wednesday marked the debut of "The Players Lounge", a unique podcast hosted by 710 ESPN's Gee Scott that goes beyond the football field with Seahawks players and adds a different perspective for 12s.

"Often times, the fans get the football perspective from players." Scott said. "When fans connect with players, they only hear what it was like that one play, and how they did that one game, and how many yards they rushed for and how many catches they had. Well in The Players Lounge, I have learned that sometimes the fans don't get a chance to really find out what these players are like behind the scenes."

Topics will include cooking secrets, vacations and parenting, to name a few. Scott's focus with the podcast is pretty clear: no football talk whatsoever.

Creating a successful podcast — especially one with professional athletes — requires a strong connection with the people you bring on as guests. Scott has that. He worked his way up from washing cars for the Seahawks and has a great reputation among players and staffers. From Mike Holmgren and Marcus Trufant, to Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman, he has developed chemistry with everyone.

That chemistry was definitely strong in the first recording. Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett take a seat to discuss money management, basketball and much more. Here are some highlights from episode one of The Players Lounge:

1. Money Advice

When asked about how he will teach his kids about money, Avril admitted that he and other players are still learning themselves.

"To be honest with you, we're still learning." Avril said. "We didn't grow up with money, so it's a learning process for us.

"As we continue to learn, I think we have to definitely show and teach our kids the same."

Bennett said when it comes to being smart financially, it ultimately comes down to the player.

"A lot of times as players, we don't study what we're doing," Bennett explained, "we just assume that somebody is going to take care of it for us.

"At the end of the day, it's your future. You can't trust everything somebody tells you, and you have to be able to go out there and search for the information and put your future in your own hands."

2. Sherman's 'Plan For The Future'

Speaking of money, Sherman admitted on the podcast that before getting his first signing bonus with the Seahawks, his bank account was in the red (negative) — $-40 in his checking account, he said. "Throughout the process, you kind of learn through trial and error more than anything." Sherman said.

"I think throughout my career, I've learned that it's not guaranteed and that you have to plan for the future, you've got to plan for longevitiy and the long haul."

3. How To Get Out The Doghouse

Sherman said his go-to move to get out of the doghouse with his fiancée is anonymously giving her a treat for her stomach, such as chocolate covered strawberries. "You've got to mess with her, get her out that mood," he said.

For Avril, it's simply owning up and saying sorry — something he admitted he doesn't do often. "If I know I really messed up," Avril said, "I say sorry and she knows I mean't it."

4. Basketball Dads

Avril and Sherman both noted that their son's enjoy playing basketball the most. "When he gets a basketball, he just gets into a little zone," Sherman said of his son Rayden, "so we just support it. He looks like he's going to be a lefty, too, which is going to be something else."

"It's all about letting him have fun and not putting any pressure," Avril — who has two sons, Xavier and Xander — said.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman held his fourth annual celebrity softball game at Seattle's Safeco Field on Sunday, July 10 to benefit his Blanket Coverage Foundation, which provides school supplies and clothing to students in low-income communities.

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