The Best Sausages in the Game

The relationship between sports and sausages will continue at CenturyLink Field thanks to a partnership with Uli’s Sausages.

The relationship between sports and hot, fresh-cooked sausages is a hall of fame one, one that's existed for decades, and that will continue at CenturyLink Field thanks to a partnership with Uli's Sausages.

You'll find the legendary Seattle sausage makers showing off their great products all over CenturyLink Field, in four different types of concession stands. Around the stadium, there are two Sausage House stands, with Uli's bacon sausages always pleasing crowds, as well as the Men's Room sausage, made in partnership with KISW.

On the Club level, SODO Cucina serves up savory bolognese sauce featuring Uli's Hot Italian sausage. At the Cantina, fans love the Uli's Chorizo sausage featured in the super delicious torta. And the most recent addition is the super chunky biscuits and gravy, also featuring Uli's delicious sausage.

"It's been great! We love working with the Hawks because Chef Michael (Johnson) is great and the CenturyLink Field team is like family," Director of Sales and Marketing Brian Myers says. "It's amazing that they let small, local businesses provide so much food for the fans, and it's very unique to CenturyLink."

CenturyLink Field is always looking to exceed expectations and the sausage that Uli's makes is truly that. The meat is always fresh, never frozen, and sausages are made the same week it is served, so fans are always getting the best quality and most delicious flavors. In fact, Uli's doesn't even have freezers at their facilities! Plus, there are no nitrates and no antibiotics in any of the sausages and we feel great about supporting a local business.

At the Sausage House locations, fans might notice sausages served up on a unique bun. The team from Uli's partnered with local bakery Tony's Bakery on MLK Way in the South End, sourcing their Banh Mi bread for their sandwiches. "People might think they're big," Myers explains, "but the sausages are huge and we want fans to be able to enjoy the grilled onions, warm sauerkraut, and all the mustards and sauces they want, without things getting too messy."

The partnership is a dream for Uli's, too, as the fans are "the best anywhere," in their own words. "Their diehard approach to football carries over into their food ordering," Myers says. "Some fans come every game and get the same thing ordered the same way every time. We keep winning, so I think it's a solid strategy!"

Uli's has been a part of the Seattle food scene for 18 years, and sausagemaker Uli Lengenberg isn't stopping any time soon. Raised in Germany, he became a master butcher, as it's required to attain such a superior knowledge before you can make sausage in that country. Once he achieved the status, he moved to Taipei, Taiwan for 15 years as a young man. There, he was the only one making German-style sausages and he met tons of influential people in the culinary world. He gained acclaim for his great sausages, and even developed his chorizo sausage for the Spanish embassy!

As for what's to come from Uli's, you can bet the wheels are turning. "Fans always ask us if there's something super spicy, and we kind of want to make something crazy hot. Like, the hottest sausage in Seattle! We'll see if it pans out, but it's definitely a dream of ours," he says with a laugh. Fans will have to wait and see what is in store next!

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