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The Artist Behind The Filter: Seahawks Salute To Service Game at CenturyLink Field

We met with Bobby Houghman to understand more about the Snapchat filter that will be available for fans to use during the Seahawks' Salute to Service game on Monday night against the Atlanta Falcons.

On Monday, during the Week 11 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons, fans will see another gameday feature on Snapchat with a geofilter specific to CenturyLink Field, giving 12s yet another way commemorate their gameday experience. We met with Bobby Houghman, who designed the Snapchat filter, to put a face to the feature you'll be using on Sunday.

When Houghman first learned about the design opportunity, he was pleased to have been asked. "I'm a Navy vet and come from a long line of veterans so the message for this particular filter is one near and dear to me," Houghman said.

With this game being the annual "Salute To Service" game, Houghman wanted to help 12s relate to the veterans being honored. Houghman clarified that, "It occurs to me that we tend to think of veterans in one light or another, but always objectified. We are a body count, or heroes, or ultra conservative war hawks or whatever, but in reality we are a cross section of our culture."

Houghman took this goal and focused the Snapchat filter design on trying to "demystify the service," he said, "The transparent elements in the Camo pattern are integral in the execution of that concept."

Once he had the concept, he approached his next obstacle. Creating a geofilter was a new and different project than normal for Houghman. In his line of work as a graphic designer and director for entertainment and advertising broadcast video he said his typical projects "trend towards larger branding initiatives where we need to think about the brand and brand goal from a whole and complete point of view." Houghman appreciated the simplicity of the Snapchat filter's goal and said, "It's refreshing to be able to design for something as straightforward as that at times."

Houghman hopes fans take a few things away from his piece. He said his biggest goal is to have fans "remember that while it's all well and good to support the service of our men and women currently in the field, there are loads of veterans that really need your help and support now that their tour is over. Try not to reduce them to a number…"

If you're attending the game Monday night, open up Snapchat and check out Houghman's filter, and while you're at it, be on the lookout for other ways the Seahawks are celebrating and honoring the military this week.  

Following Friday's practice, the Seahawks greeted 95-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Barbara Nichols, who will raise the 12 Flag on Monday night at CenturyLink Field as part of the NFL's Salute to Service month.

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