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Six New Things 12s Can See Inside American Family Insurance Touchdown City

The 2015 Seahawks season features a revamped lineup of football activities at American Family Insurance Touchdown City, located inside the CenturyLink Field Event Center.

Watching football can be a physically taxing experience. All that standing up and sitting down. The exhilarated fist pumping and the agonized fist pounding. It's maybe not quite so taxing as playing football, but as fans we must be in proper game-watching shape nonetheless.

Enter Touchdown City, located inside the CenturyLink Field Event Center just south of CenturyLink Field.

The new and improved – but still free! – Touchdown City is like a fan's version of pregame warmups. Think of it as a football-themed carnival where fans can test their ball skills, such as throwing, snapping, and returning a football.

"We wanted to create that Seahawks football experience to get people pumped up for the game," said Seahawks Fan Development Manager Thomas Buren. "Even if you don't have a ticket [to the game], you can bring your kids and be part of the atmosphere."

Touchdown City opens three hours before kickoff at every home game and features the usual mix of Sea Gals performances, live music, airbrush face painters, autograph signings by Seahawks alumni, and a Seahawks Pro Shop booth.

This season's revamped lineup will include the following football-themed activities:

1. The Head-to-Head 40-Yard Dash

Feeling competitive? Grab a friend and get on your marks for a head-to-head sprint at this simulation of the popular NFL Scouting Combine test. Sensors will clock and record your time. For reference, speedy Seahawks rookie Tyler Lockett ran the 40-yard dash in 4.40 seconds. So how does Buren stack up? "Are you talking about now or 10 years ago?" Pro tip: We suggest stretching before this one.

2. The Punt Return Drill

Once you've determined you've got the speed of Tyler Lockett, see if you can catch and return a punt for a touchdown. Open to kids ages 7 and up. Extra points for mimicking Lockett's infamous Chicken Noodle Soup dance in the end zone.

3. The Ultimate Target Throw

Sure, Russell Wilson makes it look easy, but it's pretty hard to complete a pass in the NFL. Armchair quarterbacks are welcome to get off the couch and test that arm against moving pendulum-type targets.

4. The Football Snap Challenge

Not to be confused with the "Bend and Snap" (that's a Legally Blonde reference for all you non-Reese Witherspoon fans), this move requires you to bend over and snap a football. If you do it right, the ball will be "caught" by a uniformed mannequin who may or may not resemble Jon Ryan. Warning: Snapping a football is harder than it looks.

5. The Field Goal

This one's for your mini-Hausch Money. Kids ages 5-12 are welcome to try their hand – or rather, foot – at kicking a football through the uprights. And that's good for three!

6. The Legends Experience

In honor of the Seahawks' 40th anniversary season, the club has teamed up with American Family Insurance to bring you the Legends Experience, a museum-like setup that walks 12s through highlights of more than 40 years of franchise history. Come here to check out unique stories from the team's past, including iconic artifacts, authentic locker room gear, and a stage where a Seahawks legend - that's the NFL's new word for alumni - will set up to sign autographs for two hours prior to each home game. Pro tip: We suggest getting to this exhibit early, because a custom 40th anniversary book will be given away to the first 150 fans.


American Family Insurance introduces the new Seahawks Legends wall along the concourse of CenturyLink Field to honors players of Seattle's past. Steve Largent, AmFam's Telisa Yancy and Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin were all on hand for the ceremony.

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