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"See yourself live" on #12sCam prior to Seahawks NFC Championship vs Green Bay Packers

Catch a live stream of 12s entering CenturyLink Field on gameday at

If you entered this past Saturday's divisional-round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers from CenturyLink Field's west gate, there's a good chance you're featured in the highlight video above.

It showcases the best moments caught on tape from #12sCam - the live camera set up in the stadium's North Plaza that captured fans filing into the stadium through the three hours prior to kickoff.

The camera fed directly to [our live stream on](/videos-photos/live.html "/videos-photos/live.html

Ctrl Click to follow link"), where more than 10,000 12s tuned in to soak up as much of the pregame playoff atmosphere as possible ahead of Seattle's eventual 31-17 win. That same feed was available in the Seahawks mobile app, where Seattle faithful could see themselves live on gameday.

12sCam will be rolling once again before this Sunday's NFC Championship game against the visiting Green Bay Packers. The camera will be hot when gates open at 9 a.m. PT and positioned in the same place it was this past week.

If you're in attendance, be sure to stop by to have your face broadcast to the world before the two teams kick off at 12 p.m. - a start time Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll joked he had fought hard to secure for the League's loudest fanbase.

"I think it's only fitting that they're starting the game at 12:00," Carroll said on Monday. "Worked really hard to negotiate that and finally got that done, so hopefully our 12s will celebrate our 12 o'clock start."

12sCam. The perfect way to celebrate that 12 o'clock kick.

Photos of the 12s as they cheer the Seahawks on to a 31-17 victory.

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