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Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Jermaine Kearse and Right Tackle Garry Gilliam Join 'The Huddle'

Hear from wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and right tackle Garry Gilliam as they join 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle' on Wednesday afternoon at Seahawks headquarters.

On Wednesday afternoon, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse and right tackle Garry Gilliam joined 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle,' an award-winning, highly-rated two-hour broadcast devoted entirely to Seahawks coverage from Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The full audio files from the pair's appearances are embedded for you below, along with a few highlights from each player's conversation.


Jermaine Kearse

(On if making the playoffs feels any different this time around...) "The first time I was kind of like wide-eyed a little bit, it was my first year and just being in that type of environment. So from that point to now it's definitely slowed down a lot for me, so you kind of treat it kind of like a regular game."

(On if Doug Baldwin is any happier after scoring 10 touchdowns the past four games and 13 on the season to tie a franchise record…) "He's been playing extremely well. I thought he should have been a Pro Bowler. He's had a stretch of games where he's really turned it on and he and [Russell Wilson] have been really connecting, so I thought he would have definitely been a Pro Bowler along with [K.J. Wright] and [Cliff Avril]. It's good for the guys that did make the Pro Bowl, those seven guys, congrats to them. I think we have so much talent on this team that they probably didn't want like the whole Seahawks team to go."

(On rookie Tyler Lockett making the Pro Bowl as a return specialist…) "Right when I found out I texted him, the wide receiver group chat. He's excited. The work he put in before practice, after practice, days off, it finally showed, and I'm definitely happy for him."


Garry Gilliam

(On how he's seen his game develop from the start of the year to now...) "Coach [Tom Cable] just simplified it for me. He's like, 'Look Garry, there's probably not anybody, and maybe one person in the NFL rushing outside you that's faster than you, that can beat you around the edge.' He said, 'When you jump out there you're giving these people a two-way go, you're allowing them to get inside you, so I just want you to set tight. Stay in there and let them run around, or try to at least.' And that's exactly what I've been doing. So if you go watch the very first few games and then as it progresses, that's the main thing for me that's changed is that I've just been a lot tighter in trying to give people a one-way go. Sitting on the spins, sitting on the inside moves, stuff like that."

(On when exactly he felt a shift in his game for the better...) "[Tom Cable has] always talked to me about it, but I just had to trust it and feel it, like, all right, 'Why is this happening to me? Why are people coming inside? Why are they doing this, why are they doing that.' And he's like, 'Look, you're putting yourself in this position, you can stop it very easily.' So I don't know exactly when it was, but it happened."

(On his expectations starting for the Seahawks this postseason after being a backup last year...) "It's exciting, especially to have such a big role and be such a huge part of the offense's success is pretty important. I'm taking it very seriously. This is just another hurdle, another stepping stone to where we want to be and no matter whether we clinch the playoff spot, or whatever the team's record is that we're playing next, it's still a championship opportunity for us. These last two games we can really hone in our fundamentals, really jell as a team, and really get a good foot forward for the playoffs."

The Seahawks returned to CenturyLink Field for their Week 15 matchup against the Cleveland Browns, with all the holiday excitement from the 12s to locker room captured by team photographer Rod Mar.

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