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Seattle Seahawks Safety Kelcie McCray and Center Patrick Lewis Join 'The Huddle'

Highlights from Seahawks safety Kelcie McCray and center Patrick Lewis Thursday afternoon segments on 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle'


On Thursday afternoon, safety Kelcie McCray and center Patrick Lewis joined 710 ESPN Seattle's 'The Huddle,' an award-winning, highly-rated two-hour broadcast devoted entirely to Seahawks coverage from Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

The full audio files from the pair's appearances are embedded for you below, along with a few highlights from each player's conversation.


Kelcie McCray

(On subbing for an injured Kam Chancellor last week against the Ravens…) "I felt like I did pretty good coming in. You're right, I wasn't expecting it, but it's one of those things you've always got to be ready when your number's called, so I feel like I did pretty good going in there filling in."

(On if he found places where he could improve...) "Of course. I didn't play a perfect game, so I definitely found some improvements that need to be made going into next week. A lot of simple stuff, I didn't blow any coverages or nothing like that, so it's basically just small, simple stuff that can be fixed. … I'm definitely my biggest critic. Coming in after the game everybody was patting me on the back telling me how good of a job I did and I was just thinking about the couple plays that I messed up. It was on my mind the whole flight back, so you're right."

(On the feeling inside the Seahawks locker room...) "It's crazy, man. It's definitely a genuine brotherhood here. I haven't felt that in none of the other teams I've played [for]. When I went in [against the Ravens], the guys, [Richard] Sherman and Earl [Thomas], the way they communicated with me and the belief they had in me definitely gave me a lot of confidence, too, so it's definitely like a brotherhood inside that locker room."


Patrick Lewis

(On the offensive line's improvement the past few weeks...) "It's definitely something that was built over time. During some of the games I played last year I guess the guys were still kind of getting used to hearing my voice. Sometimes I do think I get too much credit. It's more than just me. It's just all of us collectively coming together and sharing a common goal and trying to get it accomplished. I think that's really what's taking place over the last few weeks, because I didn't play the Dallas game and they gave up zero sacks even with Drew [Nowak] in, so that was a starting point and we've kind of been building on that lately."

(On if it will be different blocking for Derrick Coleman, Bryce Brown, and Christine Michael this week after injuries to Thomas Rawls and Marshawn Lynch...) "Not really. Not at all. It's a zone system, if anything we have to be more on it, make things cleaner for those guys. They have experience in this offense having been here before and they're doing a real good job at it in practice. We see them making necessary cuts, punching holes in the defense, and they're doing a pretty good job. I can't wait to see them play."

(On playing with Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M...) "He's a great person, man. You get around him, he was a real great teammate. We loved him in the locker room. He was a fun guy. He wasn't real loud or anything like that, but he was a good teammate. He'd come around, he spoke to everybody, nobody was bigger than anybody to him and we were all brothers. That's something I think a lot of people miss, have this misconception about him. Being realistic, too, it's hard being however old he was, 19, when he won the Heisman, and all this unexpected fame, it's kind of tough. So a lot of people that might come at him, like a fan or anything, might get that conception, but he's a great guy, man. I love him. I have nothing but love for him, nothing but respect for him, and we're boys, we'll be brothers for life."

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