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Seattle Seahawks React To Clinching NFC West Division

Check out how Seahawks players and coaches reacted after Thursday night's 24-3 NFC West-clinching win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Check out how Seahawks players and coaches reacted after Thursday night's 24-3 NFC West-clinching win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On winning the NFC West...) "Really happy about getting the win tonight. Fired up that we got to do it here, clinch the division in front of the 12s so that they could enjoy it, too."

(On what's next...) "There's some things coming together here and we have a lot of improvement to make here and fortunately we have a couple more games before playoff time and we can see if we can continue to just clean things up."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On clinching the division...) "It feels good; every year we set out, our number one goal is to win the division. We had an opportunity to win in front of our fans and we did that."

(On what the feeling was in the locker room after the game knowing they had just clinched the NFC West...)"It's joy. We definitely celebrated it because like at the beginning of the season we don't set out to win the Super Bowl, we set out to be division champions because we want a home game in the playoffs. We got that. It's a big accomplishment for us, but we're old enough to know that this is not it. We celebrate this, but this is not what we truly want. What we want happens in February."

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On being NFC West champions...) "It's a big deal to be NFC West Champs, it's not easy to do. It's something that there's a lot of physical teams, a lot of tough talent out there and anytime you get to the playoffs, there's people who have never been to the playoffs and you've got to be grateful for that. It's something that really matters and something that we cherish, to be able to win enough and to be able to do what we're doing. It's a great thing and we're just going to continue to get better."

(On going to the playoffs five out of five years in his career...) "It's a special thing. I think that for five years we've been able to win a lot of football games. It's taken a complete team effort every time and it's a special thing to be able to go to the playoffs five years in a row. I'm grateful for it. You're telling us we got a chance, that's the way I look at it, you've got a chance. There's still a lot more to do. We have to prepare for next week, we have to let go of this win and get ready to prepare for next week. Playing Arizona Cardinals at home again, great environment here and we have to take that and prepare at the highest level. There's a lot more that we want to do."

Cornerback Richard Sherman

(On what the team plays for…) "We play hard for each other and we come together for each other. We sacrifice. Nobody is 100 percent, everybody is beat up. You have to understand what you're playing for. You're playing for Cliff Avril's son Xavier or I'm playing for Michael [Bennett's] daughter or I'm playing for Bobby Wagner's daughter. When you keep everything in perspective, that's when you understand who you're playing for and you go out there and give everybody your 100 percent. That's what guys have been doing."

Defensive End Cassius Marsh

(On how good it feels to wear the NFC division champs hat...) "That's all we talk about around here is to own the NFC. That's what we did, we won our division. Now we get to play for the playoffs and play at home and finish out the season while bettering our spot in the playoffs. "

(On going to the playoffs each year he's been in the NFL...) "It hasn't really set in yet. We're not really satisfied. We've got two games left to improve our spot in the playoffs and hopefully get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and just keep rolling into the Super Bowl."

Cornerback DeShawn Shead

(On consistency of clinching a playoff spot...)"Well building up the consistency is just doing things right over and over, it's the ultimate goal. Knowing our fits, making our hits, making big plays, eliminating the big plays on defense and making big plays on offense and trying to establish the run game as well. Just being consistent is the goal and just playing Seahawk football, that's our motto."

Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett

(On winning the NFC West...) "We achieved something great today, which was the NFC West, so we're good for going to the playoffs, but we know that it's only the beginning. We could put ourselves in a great position of being able to get a bye week."

Tight End Luke Willson

(On winning the NFC West...) "It's a tough division. I know the records aren't the same as it has been in the past, but that being said it's still a hard-nosed, bar-fight type mentality division, and you saw that tonight. It's tough to win, so it's a pretty good feeling. To have this home playoff game and hopefully keep winning here, who knows what will happen, but we're pretty fired up."

Seahawks players and coaches react in the locker room following a 24-3 NFC West-clinching victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

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