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Seahawks (Virtual) Mailbag: Addressing Draft Needs, Free NFL Game Pass & More

You had Seahawks questions; we have answers.


While we're all at home and adjusting to our "new normal," we decided to mix things up a bit with our regular Seahawks Mailbag. We asked our 12s to submit any and all questions via our Instagram Story and answered them live from Seahawks Legend Michael Bumpus, Seahawks Radio Network's Jen Mueller, and Digital Media Reporter John Boyle. As always, thank you to everyone who asked a question this week!

Here's what everyone had to say.

"How is Rashaad Penny's recovery coming along?"


A: "There are plenty of us who are looking forward to the start of the season and the start of training camp, even though it is more than four months away - and starting to wonder who's going to be out there when training camp starts. You got a couple of guys coming back from injuries, Rashaad Penny is one of those. Remember, he was hurt early in December in that game against the Rams. He underwent surgery for not only a torn ACL, but he had to have some other cleanup work done. We don't know the timeline for his return, but we do know that he was on a bike less than two months after undergoing surgery - that's a good sign. And just a few days ago he posted some more doing some footwork, some agility drills on the ladders, that's also a good sign. So, all signs are pointing in the right direction for now - fingers crossed - that recovery continues to be a quick one."

"Who comes up with the touchdown dances?"


A: "Honestly, that's hard. It's a group effort. When you watch the Hawks celebrate. They're usually all together, everyone's synchronized, they're on the same page. But then you look closer. Someone's always leading the charge. I've seen Tyler Lockett lead it. I've seen Jaron Brown lead it. I've seen David Moore lead it. So, to answer your question, it's a group effort, they all have some input, but someone always takes the lead.

"What is your favorite Seahawks moment or play from the last 10 years?"


A: "I've been on the sidelines for 11 years, and there are a lot of plays that I have seen in person that are just incredible. Words can't describe them. But the craziest, most incredible play that I have ever seen is Jermaine Kearse in the Super Bowl against the Patriots with about a minute to go. That circus catch was unbelievable. I realize how that game ended was not what we wanted. But that play - oh my gosh! That has got to be one of my favorite plays ever. And of course, you have Beast Mode, you have some of Tyler Lockett's plays, but just on sheer improbability of making that catch - that would be mine."

"What are the primary positions the Seahawks will look to fill heading into the 2020 Draft?"


A: "It depends on what happens in the next few weeks of Free Agency. We all know obviously that Jadeveon Clowney's still out there and the Seahawks would love to bring him back. Even if they do sign him, I'd say pass rush is a need, you know Pete Carroll and John Schneider both point to that, but especially if he goes elsewhere well now that's probably a really big need. The Seahawks, they're always going to tell you they're looking to get better everywhere, more competitive everywhere, and that's the truth. But one thing that both Schneider and Carroll pointed to pretty clearly in their offseason comments - the combine, postseason press conferences, all that - was the defense as a whole. It just was not what they expect, up to their standard. Some of that was the pass rush, but they want to get better everywhere there. I think that you could see them look to improve just about anywhere on defense, and as we've always seen these guys can surprise us in the draft... so who knows what they'll do with those first picks."

"How do you feel about having Greg Olsen as a new target for Russell Wilson?"


A: "Honestly, I'm super excited. Greg Olsen is an All-Pro, a Pro Bowler, played in the Super Bowl. Guy brings a ton of experience to the team. He's going to take that experience and he's going to spread the love. He's going to spread the knowledge. He's going to teach Jacob Hollister. He's going to teach Will Dissly. He's going to teach whoever else wants to learn. Now, you team that up with Mr. Russell Wilson, you get those guys in one room, one field and working together, who knows what this group can do. Already had a potent tight end room with Will Dissly and Jacob Hollister. You add Greg Olsen and team him up with Russell Wilson, who knows where this team can go.

"What games are you rewatching with free NFL Game Pass?"


A: Lots of great choices. I would highly recommend Super Bowl 48, of course, any of Seattle's three NFC Championship games, are great. If you want to go way back, you could pull up the 1983 playoff win in Miami. That was a big one. For more recent games, a lot of fun shootouts involving Russell Wilson. Going up against DeShaun Watson on the Texans in 2017, up against Mahomes in 2018 - big win at CenturyLink Field. So many good things. If you want to get outside just the games, do the Football Life on Mike Holmgren or Steve Largent, some of the Mic'd Up segments. A lot of great content to get you through some boring days at home."

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