Seahawks' Trio Of Rookie Running Backs Ready To Compete

Seahawks rookies C.J. Prosise, Alex Collins and Zac Brooks are embracing the competition at running back.

When Zac Brooks found out that fellow Seahawks rookie running back Alex Collins has dabbled in Irish dance, Brooks asked his new teammate for lessons, and Collins responded by playfully suggesting it would cost him.

And if you're looking for potential friction in a position group with three new draft picks potentially competing for jobs and playing time, that might be the most serious conflict you're going to discover. Rather than seeing each other as threats, Brooks, a seventh-round pick out of Clemson, Collins, a fifth-rounder out of Arkansas, and third-round pick C.J. Prosise are all embracing the idea of competing against each other.

"It really didn't faze me really because I enjoy competing," Brooks said of being the third player added to the position group in a two-day span. "I come from a situation where we got six running backs, all of them able to play on Saturdays at Clemson, so this is what I'm used to. This is what I do, so I actually was looking forward to coming here and competing with those guys."

Collins and Prosise, meanwhile, are roommates who are helping each other learn the playbook while also competing at running back.

"When we go back to the hotel—we're rooming together—we study at the same time, we go to bed at the same time, wake up same time," Collins said. "We help each other out, making sure we don't oversleep, making sure we're in the book so we know what we're doing out here."

One reason why all three backs feel like they can embrace the competition with each other is that each is his own unique back. Prosise looks to have a third-down role carved out for him already—though he'd love to prove he can do even more—Collins is more of the prototypical physical lead back, while Brooks is an exceptional athlete with a background at both receiver and running back who was an intriguing enough prospect for the Seahawks to pick despite limited production at Clemson.

"We're loving it," Prosise said of competing with his fellow rookie backs. "I think it's a unique group because we're all different and we're all unique in our own way. We all bring something different to the table, so it's a good fit for everybody."

As for those Irish dance lessons, Collins joked he'll get his teammates in on the action soon enough, and even plans to bring the media into the action.

"Hopefully I'll put a sign-up sheet up and hopefully some of you guys sign up and get you guys out there," he said.

With the Day 1 jitters out of their systems, the players got into their groove during Day 2 of Seahawks Rookie Minicamp.

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