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Seahawks Tight Ends Jimmy Graham And Luke Willson Are: The 'Bash Brothers'

The Bash Brothers reference stems from the 1990s Disney films, 'The Mighty Ducks'

Move over Legion of Boom. There's a new nickname in town.

When Jimmy Graham met with the media on Monday following the fourth practice of training camp at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center, he let it be known that he and fellow Seahawks tight end Luke Willson have dubbed themselves the 'Bash Brothers.'

That's not an allusion to the Oakland Athletics' prolific home-run-hitting duo of Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco, no. Rather, it's a reference to two characters in *The Mighty Ducks, *the series of Disney films released in the 1990s about an ice hockey team from Minneapolis, Minn.

"It just kind of happened," said Willson, the former ice hockey player who Graham credits for coining the nickname. "We were joking around like, 'Hey, we need a nickname.' Everyone always goes with like The Twin Towers, or all sorts of nonsense. But no, who's the coolest duo that I know of? It had to be the Bash Brothers, man."

The Ducks' Bash Brothers consisted of Dean Portman and Fulton Reed, bandana-wearing friends notorious for their punishing play on the ice. As tall and speedy players who excel in the passing game, we don't expect Graham or Willson to deliver too many big hits as they work alongside each other in 2015. But there is one noteworthy connection between The Mighty Ducks' Bash Brothers and the Bash Brothers hoping to make a name for themselves in Seattle.

"It's kind of a similar story," Willson said, comparing his relationship with Graham - a three-time Pro Bowler acquired this offseason in a trade with the New Orleans Saints - to the Ducks' friendship between Portman and Reed. "Dean comes in as the new guy, he's a big timer. He was on Team U.S.A. and he joins the Mighty Ducks. ... So it's kind of fun. We've been joking around with it."

The Ducks' Bash Brothers would celebrate big plays with head butts, fist bumps, or by finding ways to excite the crowd. The Athletics' pairing of McGwire and Canseco would celebrate home runs by bashing each others forearms. So what sort of unique celebration can we expect to see between Graham and Willson this season?

"I can't break that information just yet," Willson said. "There's stuff in the making. That's all I'm going to say."

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