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Seahawks Take Historic Trip To And From Dallas On Delta's Boeing 747

The Boeing 747, which U.S. airlines are retiring this month, took the Seahawks on a historic trip to and from Dallas this weekend.

The Seahawks traveled in style for their final road game of the regular season, taking a Delta Boeing 747 to and from their business trip to Dallas for the team's Week 16 win against the Cowboys.

This month, nearly 50 years after its debut, U.S. airlines are retiring use of the jumbo jet, and Delta Air Lines, the Official Airline of the Seattle Seahawks, is the last remaining U.S. operator of the Boeing passenger airplane. Last week, Delta sent a 747 jet on a farewell tour of the country, and the Seahawks' trip to and from Dallas marks Delta's very last 747 to arrive in Seattle.

Here's a few images from Delta's 747 send-off:

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