Seahawks Running Backs C.J. Prosise, Alex Collins Attend NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Seahawks running backs C.J. Prosise and Alex Collins attended the NFLPA Rookie Premiere this past weekend to learn more about the business side of football.

Two newly-minted Seahawks running backs joined other top rookies from the 2016 draft at the NFL Players Association Rookie Premiere this past weekend in Los Angeles, California.

C.J. Prosise, who Seattle selected in the third round (No. 90 overall) out of Notre Dame, and Alex Collins, who Seattle took in the fifth round (No. 171 overall) out of Arkansas, learned more about the business side of football over a three-day period filled with photoshoots, brand activations, networking and more.

"I had a great time with it," Prosise said from his locker at Seahawks headquarters Monday following the team's first set of Organized Team Activities (OTAs). "It was fun. You get to kind of see a lot of the guys and how they're doing, so it's definitely a good experience. The final day, the photoshoot, was fun too."

The photoshoot Prosise mentions was held at LA's Memorial Coliseum, and it put the pair of Seattle rookies in their official Nike Seahawks uniform for the very first time.

"That was just a mind-blowing experience," Collins said of his initial stint in Seahawks blue and green. "Putting that uniform on and looking at yourself just from level to level it finally sinks in. Like when I went from high school to college and put that uniform on for the first time, it was just like re-living that moment, like, 'Wow, I'm on this next level. I'm on this next stage.' Experiencing that was a pretty cool feeling."

Added Prosise: "It was amazing. It was definitely fun just kind of being able to get in it and get the feel of it for a little bit. It was pretty cool."

An extra bonus of the event? The Seahawks rookies got an early look at their ratings for the next installment of the Madden video game franchise.

In interviews conducted the day each player was drafted, Prosise predicted his initial rating would be an 80, while Collins saw himself as a 69 or 70. Well, the Rookie Premiere revealed Collins' overall rating at a 77, to which Collins said there's "room for improvement, definitely." Prosise's Madden rating, meanwhile, was set at 75, and he noted "all my stuff was pretty much accurate" before admitting he doled out some constructive criticism in regards to his catching radius, which was set at 74.

"I was like, 'Oh, that's not right at all!'" Prosise said with a smile. "And they changed it up two points and I was like, 'All right, cool. I'll take that,' so it went from 74 to 76.

"It was a good time, though. I enjoyed it."

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