Seahawks Running Back Marshawn Lynch Helps Sell Skittles on Home Shopping Network

"Beast Mode" made an appearance with a digital retailer to help sell his favorite candy.

Marshawn Lynch wants you to taste the rainbow.

The Seahawks running back joined Allison Waggoner of EVINE Live, a digital retailer, for a segment promoting a deal for his favorite sideline candy, Skittles, with the home-shopping network offering up 36 packs for just $14.86.

"We couldn't talk Skittles without talking about you," Waggoner says as she introduces Lynch, to which Lynch replies, "You couldn't talk Skittles without talking about the kid!"

Lynch went on to describe his relationship with the candy his mother introduced to him as 'power pellets' at an early age.

"We intimate. We became one. Want me to show you how it's done?" Lynch asks before tossing a Skittle in his mouth. "Now we're one."

To see exactly how it's done, check out Lynch's antics in the video embedded above.


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