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Seahawks Receiver Tyler Lockett Wins Steve Largent Award For Second Straight Year

Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett became just the third player in team history to win the prestigious Steve Largent Award in consecutive seasons. 


As one of the best receivers to ever wear a Seahawks uniform, Tyler Lockett will always be associated with the best to ever do it, Steve Largent. And the connections go beyond the Seahawks record books, Largent and Lockett also share a birthday and birth place, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And now, for the second year in a row, Lockett's connection to Largent also includes winning the Steve Largent Award, one of the team's most prestigious honors.

The Largent Award, which was first presented to Largent in 1989, the final year of his Hall of Fame career, is voted upon by players and given to the player or coach who best exemplifies the spirit, dedication and integrity of the Seahawks.

Lockett become just the third Seahawks player to win the Steve Largent Award in consecutive seasons, joining Russell Wilson and Mack Strong, and the fourth to win it multiple times along with those two as well as safety Kam Chancellor.

"It's dope with growing up in the same city, having the same birthday, playing on the same team," Lockett said. "It's dope for him to have an award named after him, and I think it shows the type of player he was, what he exemplified among his peers, to the organization. You've got to be loved to play for 14 years. I think it says a lot about him, who he is as a person.

"I didn't even know you could win it twice in a row, but I think it says a lot about how my peers and my coaches and everybody in the organization feels about me as a person. It's pretty cool to win this and be seen as a person and not just a player."

Eight seasons into his career, Lockett ranks second behind Largent in franchise history in receiving touchdowns with 53, and ranks third in receiving yards (7,046) and receptions (53) behind Largent and Brian Blades, and has a good chance to pass Blades in both of those categories next season. With just 21 yards on Sunday, Lockett will have his fourth straight 1,000-yard season, matching Largent for the longest such streak in team history.

Yet the Largent Award is about more than just on-field performance, which is why Lockett is more proud of this award, as well as being the team's Walter Payton Man of the Year Award nominee for the second straight year, for what about it says about who is as a man than as a player.

"When they talk about who you are as a person, that's even better, because you start realizing the energy that you give, and the light that always shines within you through your faith in God," said Lockett. "So it's just cool to see the type of impact you have. When you see life through the lens of impact rather than through performance, you start appreciating stuff a lot more."

Here is the history of Steve Largent Award winners:

  • 1989 WR Steve Largent
  • 1990 DE Jacob Green
  • 1991 LB Rufus Porter
  • 1992 DE Jeff Bryant & DT Joe Nash
  • 1993 FS Eugene Robinson
  • 1994 WR Brian Blades
  • 1995 LB Terry Wooden
  • 1996 DT Cortez Kennedy
  • 1997 LB Winston Moss
  • 1998 DE Michael Sinclair
  • 1999 LB Chad Brown
  • 2000 RB Ricky Watters
  • 2001 FB Mack Strong
  • 2002 FB Mack Strong
  • 2003 QB Trent Dilfer
  • 2004 FB Mack Strong
  • 2005 FB Mack Strong
  • 2006 FB Mack Strong
  • 2007 WR Bobby Engram
  • 2008 Head Coach Mike Holmgren
  • 2009 QB Matt Hasselbeck
  • 2010 CB Roy Lewis
  • 2011 DT Red Bryant
  • 2012 QB Russell Wilson
  • 2013 S Earl Thomas
  • 2014 S Kam Chancellor
  • 2015 CB Richard Sherman
  • 2016 S Kam Chancellor
  • 2017 LB Bobby Wagner
  • 2018 QB Russell Wilson
  • 2019 QB Russell Wilson
  • 2020 LB K.J. Wright
  • 2021 WR Tyler Lockett
  • 2022 WR Tyler Lockett

The Seahawks took the field wearing "Love For Damar" T-shirts in honor of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin as they got loose at Lumen Field ahead of their Week 18 with the Los Angeles Rams on January 8, 2023.

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