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Seahawks React to Hearing First Regular-Season Roars of 12s at CenturyLink Field

Seahawks players tell you exactly how loud it was in Week 3 at CenturyLink Field.

The all-time record attendance of 69,002 12s packed CenturyLink field during the home opener versus the Chicago Bears. 

Thanks to the newly-installed Toyota Fan Deck, which added 1,000 seats to the concourse above CenturyLink Field's south end zone, the Seahawks' 2015 home-opener was played in front of a franchise home-record 69,002 fans, as 12s witnessed a 26-0 victory over the visiting Chicago Bears, who were shut out for the first time in 194 regular-season games.

On the field, Seahawks players and coaches got to experience the notoriously-loud crowd for the first time this year. Check out how Seattle players and coaches reacted this past Sunday to hearing the first regular-season roars from the 12s:

Jordan Hill

"It was just big being able to get back home. I forgot how loud it gets. Every time it's like it's brand new. Shout out to the 12s and everybody out there."

Cliff Avril

"It just felt good being home. Being back in front of the 12s, having 50-60 thousand people cheering for you instead of the other way around, it just felt good being home, you know the extra rest and different things like that that we got to get, opposed to traveling. All that stuff made everything feel great."

Jimmy Graham

"Coming back home for the first time really hearing the 12s, it's incredible. It's a lot louder than I remember even."

Jon Ryan

"It's always nice to get that first win under your belt. Coming home and playing like that in front of the home crowd is always a big deal."

Frank Clark

"It was as loud as they said it was. Earl [Thomas] and Kam [Chancellor] and all those guys, they tell me, 'Man, it's going to be loud, it's something like you've never been in.' They tease me, 'it's not like the Big House [Michigan Stadium].' I'm like, 'You know, the Big House is 115,000.' They're like, 'No man, this is different. It's different here.' It was great, I enjoyed myself."

Kam Chancellor

"It was warming to see the 12s and hear them roar like that. It was very warming."

Russell Wilson

"It was a fantastic win with a great crowd, coming back home in front of the 12s. It couldn't be any more fun."

Tyler Lockett

"Just being able to win our first game at CenturyLink Field I think says a lot. Luckily we get to come back home and experience it again Monday night."

Pete Carroll

"All in all it's a very good day for us. We're excited to get home and get rolling. We have a Monday Nighter coming up and we'll try to take full advantage of that, and bring it back home. I know they'll be jacked up again. It was great to be at CenturyLink today."

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