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Seahawks Re-Sign Guard D.J. Fluker

After a successful first year in Seattle, guard D.J. Fluker is back for 2019, having re-signed with the Seahawks on Thursday. 

D.J. Fluker, who in his first year with the Seahawks became an important part of a league-leading rushing attack, will be back in Seattle in 2019 having re-signed with the Seahawks on Friday.

A former first-round pick out of Alabama who previously played for the Chargers and Giants, Fluker was a perfect fit in Seattle's offense as the starting right guard, helping pave the way for a rushing attack that averaged 160 yards-per-game. In addition to being a physical presence, Fluker became a locker-room and fan favorite because of the energy he brought to the team on and off the field.

"He's just, he loves the game," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said last season. "He loves to play. He loves practicing, he's got one of those personalities that's always upbeat, always looking to play tough, always wanting to push – the harder you push him, the more he likes it and he's vocal about it. If you watch him, he's responsive to plays when they happen and he's going to be the first guy picking up Chris (Carson) in the end zone or whoever it was. It's infectious and it's refreshing, and I love that he's on our team."

After coming to Seattle on a one-year deal last year, Fluker wasn't sure if he would be back, but was happy to have a chance to continue playing for the Seahawks. Fluker's new contract was the perfect birthday gift after he turned 28 on Wednesday, the day he officially, and as it turned out only briefly, became a free agent.

"I'm very excited they brought me back," he said. "It's an honor to play here. Some guys move on, but I get the opportunity to come back and play with these guys again—the O-line, my old coach. I'm excited to be a Seahawk."

With a year under their belts working with offensive line coach Mike Solari and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, this year's line and offense "can be even better," Fluker said. And he plans on being the same passionate, physical player in 2019 that Seahawks fans fell in love with last year.

"When you get D.J. Fluker, you get the guy who loves football, you get the guy who works hard, busts his ass on every single play," he said. "The guy who plays with heart, plays with passion, loves picking up his running backs and his quarterback, having those leadership skills—I'm bringing the juice at practices—having guys gravitate towards that makes everyone play together."