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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Interviews Kids As His 'Superstars Of The Week'

The Seahawks QB held an impromptu press conference with a pair of 12s.

Russell Wilson is taking on a brand-new tradition this summer.

On Thursday, before the Seahawks quarterback fielded questions from reporters about the conclusion of the team's offseason program, Wilson welcomed two young 12s to the podium for the start of a unique custom he hopes to carry through training camp.

"We've got the 'superstars of the week' right here," Wilson said. "We have sweet lady Brooklyn and we also have Aiden."

Wilson went on to conduct small interviews with Brooklyn, age "six-and-a-half," and Aiden, age 11. The Seattle signal caller asked each of them for their favorite color (Brooklyn's is white and Aiden's is blue and green, like the Seahawks) and what they want to be when they grow up.

"Either a biologist, or maybe a sports announcer, I think," said Aiden.

"A rockstar, and also a mom," added Brooklyn.

When the Seahawks kick off training camp in late July, Wilson said he'll continue his 'superstars of the week' custom by selecting two fans from the crowd that packs the berm to watch the team practice at Renton's Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

"Kids have always kind of meant a lot to me ever since growing up," Wilson said. "One, my parents, the way they raised me. I had my brother, I had my sister, so we were all really close. I went to Collegiate school and everybody is a very close family. Over the past six, seven years of my life I've really been able to think about the opportunities God has given me and opportunities team's like the Seahawks, NC State, and Wisconsin, and in professional baseball the Colorado Rockies and Texas Rangers, all those situations I've been able to fortunately be in it's an opportunity to encourage people."

Wilson has become well-known in the community for his Tuesday visits to Seattle Children's Hospital and for the domestic violence prevention work he does with his Why Not You foundation.

"For me, it's about other people," said Wilson. "I'm grateful to be in the position that I'm in and to be able to hopefully lead a lot of people and encourage a lot of people. That's what life's about. Just trying to continue to have success, but also as you're doing that, as you're having success, share that success with people. That's what life's about."

The Seahawks enjoyed a day outside for the final day of minicamp.

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