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Seahawks Players React To Crowd Noise and Gameday Atmosphere at CenturyLink Field

Hear what Seahawks players had to say about playing in front of 68,469 12s on Thursday night at CenturyLink Field.

SEATTLE -- It may have 'only' been preseason, but the Seahawks' first home game of 2016 brought in a capacity crowd of 68,469, as well as a noise level from the 12s that impressed Seattle's rookies, veterans, and new additions alike.

Here's how several Seahawks players reacted to Thursday night's atmosphere at CenturyLink Field:

WR Tyler Lockett

(On being back at CenturyLink Field...) "It was fun. It's always fun to be able to play your first game back at home. Had tremendous fans out there. The stadium was packed and it's a preseason game. We don't look at it like it's a preseason game, but it is. We look at it like it's a championship. We had fans out there screaming. It seems like it's a real game and everything. It feels like it's a real game. For us, I think it's great for us to be able to come back, see what that home-field advantage is like, be able to play in front of the fans, and luckily, our next game is at home as well."'

Rookie RB Troymaine Pope

(On his first game at CenturyLink Field...) "It was real fun. I've never been around a crowd that loud. It's just the preseason, I can only imagine what the regular season is like."

Rookie OL Germain Ifedi

(On his first game at CenturyLink Field...) "It was awesome. It was really good. Fans packed it out. The energy, I was really hyped. I found myself overhyped. About five minutes before the game I was like, 'Calm down! Calm down!' You're getting too hyped!' These are great fans. I came from the first 12th Man to the other 12th Man. It was great. It's great to be able to play in front of a fanbase like this."

Rookie WR Kenny Lawler

(On his first game at CenturyLink Field...) "It was great. The 12s bring so much energy and we just try to feed off it and do our best out there. Playing at CenturyLink for the first time, hopefully there's going to be many more games to play under the lights. The 12s are great. They bring so much energy."

(On where he would rank CenturyLink Field among the loudest stadiums he's played in...) "UW gets loud. Texas was real loud. Texas, UW, and here are the top three. But I'll say during the regular season, 12s are going to become number one."

OL Bradley Sowell

(On how it feels playinig at CenturyLink Field in a Seahawks uniform after spending time with the Arizona Cardinals...)"Really weird, I'm not going to lie. I've been coming here for four years now playing these guys and it's always been so tough to play here. It was only a preseason game, but you could kind of tell in the fourth quarter, this place will get pretty loud throughout the game. I'm super excited. I couldn't be happier to be here."

(On if it's nice to have the crowd noise on his side now...)"Absolutely. I've been punished with this noise for years, man. It was really cool. It was actually surreal, though. Coming to this place, it's always been so tough to play in, and now you're a part of it. It was really neat."


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