Seahawks Opponent Q&A: Get To Know The Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Digital Content Producer Kelsey Conway offers a closer look at the Seahawks' Week 6 opponent.

Atlanta Falcons Digital Content Producer Kelsey Conway provides a closer look at the Seattle Seahawks' Week 6 opponent:

1. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn faces the the Seahawks for the first time since he departed Seattle. How has he settled into the job entering his second year?

Conway: Coach Quinn has a unique coaching style that allows him to connect with his players easily, and I think it's a big reason to why he's adjusted to the role of a head coach so quickly. Players seem to really take to his leadership style, and it's evident on the field. His program is centered around the brotherhood and the standard that his players created themselves, and their connection with one another directly correlates to their success.


2. It looks like Quinn has replicated a few Seahawks players on Atlanta's roster (Keanu Neal is his Kam Chancellor, Desmond Trufant is his Richard Sherman, etc.). Was that a goal of his when he initially took over the team?

Conway: When the Falcons drafted Keanu Neal, he was automatically compared to Kam Chancellor in the role that he would play in Quinn's defense. But coach Quinn is adamant in letting his players develop their own identity and one thing you will notice about any of the players on Atlanta's defense is their toughness. Neal has the speed and physicality Atlanta needed on defense, and he's exactly the type of player Coach Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff want on their team. As you know with the LOB, having a secondary full of smart, instinctual players is vital to success in the NFL, and for the Falcons, it all starts with Desmond Trufant.

3. The Falcons are off to a great start for the second year in a row. Last season, they weren't able to sustain that level of play down the stretch. What's different about this year's team and what will they have to do to stay upright?

Conway:The Falcons are mentally tougher team than they were in 2015 — they've shown that in many instances this year. Coach Quinn also says his team has refined their ability to reset each week. It's a major emphasis for the players and staff, and it all starts with the work put in during the week.

4. How will the Falcons utilize the backfield duo of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman against Seattle's stout defense?

Conway: The thing to note about the two-headed monster of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman is their ability to get involved in the passing game. Like you saw in the Falcons' Week 5 win over the Broncos, Denver couldn't find an answer for Coleman in the open field. Freeman can dominate a defense the same way, and that's what makes them so hard to defend. Freeman and Coleman have combined for 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns this season.

5. And lastly, Julio Jones vs Sherman could possibly be the matchup to watch Sunday. If the Seahawks have Sherman shadow Jones and the Falcons don't throw that way as often, who could see increased targets from quarterback Matt Ryan?

Conway: I think the best way to answer this question is, who won't see increased targets. Atlanta has shown their offensive versatility in each of their games this year, with up to nine players catching passes in a game. Matt Ryan has a plethora of options and if Jones draws extra attention, the running backs and tight ends have shown they can step up.

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