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Seahawks Mailbag: "Snacks" Expectations, DK Metcalf's Hot Start, & More

You had Seahawks questions; guest host Michael Bumpus has answers.


The Seahawks enter Week 5 undefeated and have a chance to head into the bye week 5-0 for the first time in franchise history. Before we fully turn our attention to Seahawks vs. Vikings in primetime, it's time once again to answer questions from you, the fans. This week, former Seahawks wide receiver and 710 ESPN Radio Analyst Michael Bumpus is in to answer your Seahawks questions!

Here's what Bumpus had to say:

First up, your thoughts on the Damon Harrison signing and how he'll factor in?

A: "One, I like the signing. We all know what helps any defense – it's depth along the defensive line. What do you do? You get guys in the rotation. When you have a chance to get a guy like Damon Harrison, you take that chance. He has 24 QB hits, he's not a guy who's going to get a lot of sacks. He has 11 sacks in his career. That's not what interior linemen are meant to do, they're meant to collapse that pocket.

Now the Hawks already have one of the best rush defenses in the league. You add this guy to the mix, that's going to help Poona Ford, J. Reed, Mone, Anthony Rush. Again, it's all about rotation on that defensive line. What "Snacks" is going to do is take on those double teams, hold guys up for those linebackers to really start making plays. Last week, K.J. had a good week. Last week, Bobby had a good week. So, another veteran big man in the rotation and I like the signing."

@ArtemTarasov23 asks, "After signing "Snacks" are we done with improving our pass rush?"

A: "I don't think they're ever going to be completely done improving the pass rush. One, because injuries are happening in this league at a very high rate. I think it's because of the pandemic, defenses haven't had opportunities to practice tackling, there's a lot of things that go into that.

So, John Schneider is always going to be looking for the next guy. Are they completely done? I don't know, there's still veterans out there." To start, the Seahawks also added defensive end Jonathan Bullard on Wednesday. He's a former third-round pick of the Chicago Bears in 2016 and started six games for Arizona last season. Yesterday, Bullard talked about his excitement, saying "I got a lot of learning to do but I'm up for the challenge. I just want to come here and help in any way I can." He'll get a chance to add depth to the pass rush mix.

"So, they may add a couple pieces but I think it's all contingent on the health of this defensive line. Will they continue to add or won't they add? We'll see, but one thing they'll always going to be doing is searching. Schneider never relaxes. Pete Carroll never relaxes. They're always looking to improve. So if guys get hurt I think you see more guys in the rotation, but for now I think the Hawks are good."

In a related question, @JulianZ78769372 asks "Is there a possibility Seattle signs any veteran Cornerback/Defensive end soon or in the future?"

A: To fill the gap in the secondary, the Seahawks have looked to safety Ryan Neal. Coming up from the practice squad, Neal has already made an impact with two interceptions in two games, including the game-winner against the Cowboys. After Neal, the Seahawks could continue to look inward.

"At this point, I think they're going to promote from within. And the next guy up if something were to happen within this organization is Linden Stephens. It's a name you haven't heard, but during camp he went from working with the 3s to getting reps with the 1s. Now he's been on special teams throughout the season. Only has two defensive snaps this year, but I like this kid. He's reliable, he's a for sure tackler, a name that you haven't heard, but the Hawks do a great job of finding these guys. They do a great job of developing them. They may bring a veteran in, but at this point I think they're going to rely on promoting from within."

Alan McGreen from Sheffield, England asks "Do you think David Moore is under-rated as a deep threat?"

A: "Yes, most definitely. D-Moe is averaging 17 yards per reception at this point. Every time this guy makes a play it seems like it's a big one. He had two huge catches last week in Miami and scored a touchdown. Whenever D-Moe is on the field he is a vertical threat. He is that #3 receiver right now.

I went back in history and looked at some of the best receiving corps Russell Wilson has had. In 2016, he had Doug Baldwin, Jimmy Graham, Tyler Lockett, and Jermaine Kearse. In 2015, he had Baldwin, Kearse, and Lockett. One 1,000 yard receiver, a couple 500-600 yard receivers. This year, DK Metcalf and Lockett are on pace to go for over 1,000 yards so you're going to need a guy to come in and have about 500, 400 yards. And right now, D-Moe is that guy.

So far this year, D-Moe has two touchdowns and 173 yards on 10 catches. He's on pace to have a really good year. I'm going to say D-Moe finishes with about 500-600 yards if he continues at this pace. One thing we know D-Moe can do is go up and get that rock. D-Moe is definitely underrated when it comes to throwing the ball down the field."

Zachary Harris from Spokane, WA asks, "What about getting Cody Barton and Ben Burr-Kirven more involved in the game plan?"

A: "Cody Barton has no choice but to get more involved. If the Hawks didn't draft Jordyn Brooks, Cody would've been that third linebacker out there. But because you draft Jordyn Brooks in the first round, you got to give this guy a chance. Now with him being hurt, we've already seen more of Cody Barton. The thing that helps Cody Barton is his rookie year he could play all three linebacker positions. The more you can do for the team, the better. Cody Barton is showing that.

He's good in the pass game. Last week he was dropping into zones and he got his hands on the football that Ryan Neal picked off. Now once Jordyn Brooks gets back, if Cody Barton is playing at high level, there's a possibility to split those reps.

Now as far as Ben Burr-Kirven, he's probably the fourth guy on the depth chart. You're going to see him more on special teams. He's a little undersized, but another smart linebacker. He can play every position. Ben Burr-Kirven is a good ball player, but I don't think he's a starter, he's a guy who's going to backup and play multiple positions. Not a knock on Ben Burr-Kirven, you need guys like that. I see him as a future special teams captain in this organization."

@GR21864205 asks, "Why can no one guard DK?

A: "Easy. DK Metcalf is big, fast, strong, and he's in an offense that highlights what he's good at. Coming out of Ole Miss, people were saying he can only run one route. He can only run the go, he can only run the post, only down the field stuff – so be it. That's what he's made to do. But we've also seen last week that he can take a smoke screen to the house. That was my next step for DK. We know that you're good down the field, the guy is average 25 yards per reception – tied for first in the league when it comes to receiving yards with 403. He's tied with Stefon Diggs who has 10 more catches than this guy, yet they have the same amount of yards.

Why can't you guard him? Because he is versatile. He is showing you now not only do you have to stay over the top, you have to be able to come down bump-and-run and tackle this man. Now he is 6'4" 230 plus lbs. You combine his speed, strength, and now his awareness on the football field. A lot of his patterns are going across the field, finding gaps in the zone – he's getting good at that. Now he's adding the run after the catch when it comes to the smoke screen. He's doing everything you can ask a receiver to do and he's a good blocker.

That's why you cannot guard DK Metcalf. The only one who can stop DK is DK himself at this point. Kid is balling out of control."

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