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Seahawks Mailbag: Running Back Depth, David Moore, The Clash & More

You had Seahawks questions; we have answers.

It's London week for the Seahawks, who will play the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, marking the franchise' first regular-season game outside of North America. With a long trip ahead of them, the Seahawks start their practice week on Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week, so in light of that, it's time to answer questions from you, the fans, a day earlier than usual. As always, thanks to everyone who asked a question this week, and apologies if we couldn't get to your question this time around.

@Lougheed_E asks, "After posting two touchdowns in Sunday's game, is David Moore going to be more of a factor on offense going forward?"

A: Moore, a 2017 seventh-round pick who spent most of last season on the practice squad, was a standout this preseason and earned a spot on the 53-man roster, but he didn't see the field a ton in Seattle's first three games. That began to change in Week 4 at Arizona, with Moore playing 65 percent of the offensive snaps, catching two passes—his first two regular-season catches—for 39 yards.

On Sunday against the Rams, Moore again was third in playing time among receivers behind Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett playing 52 percent of the snaps, and he had three catches for 38 yards, including the first two touchdowns of his career. So for now, at least, it appears Moore has worked his way ahead of Brandon Marshall and Jaron Brown on the receiver depth chart, but it's worth remembering that things can change from week to week depending on matchups, health, current form, etc. But yes, as of now it sure looks like Moore has established himself as an important part of Seattle's offense.

"David can make things happen and he certainly did that," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after the game. "He came through in a big way."

@DennisGill10 asks, "Best Clash song?"

A: Well clearly the obvious answer given the Seahawks' next game is London Calling, but while I by no means consider myself a Clash connoisseur, I'm familiar enough with them to know there's a lot more to their impressive catalogue than just that hit, which is the title track from their classic 1979 album.

A few other Clash songs that stand out to me—and again, I'm no expert, so there are better people to speak on this topic—are "Straight to Hell," "Lost in the Supermarket," "Know Your Rights," "Death or Glory," "Clampdown," "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

@gnarlyraddad and @VashonK ask what is going on with C.J. Prosise and Brandon Marshall's playing time, and on a related note, @rajuseattle asks about Rashaad Penny's usage.

A: In the case of all the players mentioned above, what we're seeing is simply the result of there are only so many plays and touches to go around in a game, and right now other players have earned more opportunities. At receiver, Baldwin's return from injury along with Moore working his way into the rotation has limited the opportunities for Marshall, while at running back, Chris Carson and Mike Davis have done so well there just haven't been a lot of chances available for Penny and Prosise, though Penny did have a nice game in Arizona, gaining 49 yards on nine carries.

"It's really obvious," Carroll said Monday on 710 ESPN Seattle when asked about Carson and Davis. "I've always loved Chris and hoped he would look like this way back when. There's the flavor that adds to it that's very reminiscent of what it has been like. The willingness to keep driving his feet to get another yard or two, that's something that's important to us, it's important to the makeup of the team. You see our guys light up and jump up and be affected by his nature. Then Mike's got this suddenness to him, he's creative and he's going for it. He ain't holding anything back. So the one-two of those guys—and we haven't even gotten Rashaad in the mix yet, wait until he gets going—so we're in a pretty good spot right now, and we're just getting going."

It's worth remembering that there's still a lot of season to go, and unfortunately injuries can happen at any position, so just because a player wasn't on the field a lot on Sunday, that doesn't mean he won't play a big role later in the season.

@tyler_jordan89 asks, "Why hasn't Doug Baldwin been a factor in the passing game the past couple of weeks?"

A: The Seahawks obviously want to get Baldwin going and that will happen soon, but yes, it was a bit odd to see Baldwin have just one catch in Sunday's game. Baldwin has earned the reputation as one of the game's best receivers, and sometimes teams game plan to take the two-time Pro-Bowler out of the game, but even if the Rams were rolling extra coverage towards Baldwin, there were at least a couple of occasions where I noticed him open—though to be fair, on the plays I'm thinking of, other receivers were open as well and Wilson hit them for big gains.

Baldwin no doubt wants to get the ball more, just as any receiver would, but it's worth noting that even on a day when the ball wasn't coming his way, he was one of the first to celebrate with Lockett and Moore after their touchdowns, and he raved about those two after the game despite his disappointment in the result.

"They've been savages though, they've been beasts," Baldwin said. "I'm just grateful that they had the opportunities, they got their opportunities and they made the best of them, which is what WOOTs do."

@JFATS206 asks, "Best bar to go to in London to rep Blue Friday?

A: The place to be for Seahawks fans in London this week is Barrowboy & Banker, which will be hosting events this week, including trivia night on Thursday, a Blue Friday rally, and a Seahawks London live broadcast on Saturday with members of the Seahawks radio broadcast team. The Barrowboy & Banker is also a great option to watch the game if you don't have tickets.

More info on those event and more can be found at

@SeaHawkersGER asks, "Testing your English football knowledge, what Premier League team would the Seahawks be if they were a soccer… ummm… football squad?"

A: I'm going to go with Liverpool for a couple of reasons. For starters, there are some geographical similarities, as both Seattle and Liverpool are port cities in the Northwest part of their countries. Secondly, both regions are known for producing music, with Liverpool being the home town of the Beatles, and Seattle being able to claim the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. And third, both Liverpool and the Seahawks are known for having a special connection with their fan bases that are unique in their respective leagues.

Also, small disclaimer here, my brother is a Liverpool fan, so he'd probably be mad if I picked somebody else.

@Stu_Court asks, "What beer are me and @adamdnathan buying you when we see you?"

A: Why stop at one beer? I mean, I'll probably have to have more than one to truly appreciate all England has to offer, right? In all seriousness, however, I am very much looking forward to meeting in person some of the UK Sea Hawkers, not to mention those coming from Germany and other parts of Europe and the rest of the world. I'll be at the Friday rally mentioned above, and should be around Saturday night as well, so if you see me, come say hi.

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' 33-31 loss at home in Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

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