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Seahawks Mailbag: Possible Free Agent Additions, Is Water Wet & More

You had Seahawks questions; we have answers.


The Seahawks lost their second straight preseason game over the weekend, but they also played their second straight preseason game with almost all of their starters watching from the sideline, so it's tough to read too much into what we've seen so far this preseason. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did say after Saturday's game that starters will get some playing time in the preseason finale, so we'll get a better feel for what the team really looks like then, but in the meantime, let's open up the mailbag and answer questions from you, the fans. As always, thanks to everyone who asked questions this week, and apologies if I couldn't get to yours this time around.

Ken Nelson from Bremerton asks why the Seahawks have looked bad in the preseason despite being used to "seeing the Seahawks crisp and efficient" in camp and the preseason in previous seasons.

A: You're right that the Seahawks haven't looked very good in the preseason, including Saturday's 30-3 loss to Denver that featured three first-half turnovers, but as was the case a week earlier, we didn't see most of Seattle's starters in either game. As Carroll noted after the game, that's a departure from how they've done things in the past, so it's entirely possible that those crisp and efficient memories you have from preseasons past involved a lot more of the team's top players being on the field.

Carroll said starters should play some this weekend against the Chargers, so that should give a better look at what the team look like, though it's also worth remembering that with a new offensive coordinator, the Seahawks won't want to give much away, so even if Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Chris Carson and the rest of the No. 1 offense play on Saturday, we probably won't see the real version of Seattle's offense until the regular season.

"This format for us was different than we've ever done before," Carroll said after Saturday’s game. "We've done something different, and it hasn't been a lot of fun in games with the way we're playing. Week 3 is a big deal for us, and we'll go back to a lot of the other guys who haven't played in the first two games to prepare them for Game 1 of the regular season—that's been the plan all along."

I would also add since you mentioned looking efficient in preseason and training camp that the team has looked a lot better in training camp with everyone involved, as you might expect.

@OG_Nails asks, "Is coffee beer the best beer?"

A: No.

Don't get me wrong, good coffee beer can be really good—I've had quite a few I have enjoyed. But since beer, like most food and drink things, comes down to personal preference, I would much prefer a nice crisp IPA over anything with coffee in it.

@LockdownTre asks, "Can you sign Geno Atkins?"

A: I'm the team's digital media reporter, not the general manager, so no, I cannot.

But if you're asking if the Seahawks will…

@DaltonSignature asks "How likely is it that the Seahawks sign Geno Atkins?" While @JohnnyDegg asks, "Are the Seahawks looking to sign Luke Willson?"

A: I'm lumping these two together because they fall under the same umbrella of the Seahawks will always consider just about every option to improve the roster. I'll preface this with the usual caveat that I have no inside info here, but yes, I'm aware of the reports that both Atkins and Willson are visiting this week, and both could make sense.

Willson is obviously a known commodity and a locker room favorite, and the Seahawks are thin at tight end right now with Colby Parkinson and Tyler Mabry both dealing with foot injuries, so if he's in shape—and there's social media evidence he's been working out hard preparing for an opportunity—that move could definitely make sense.

Atkins, meanwhile, is an eight time Pro-Bowler who also happens to have been teammates with current Seahawk Carlos Dunlap II for a decade in Cincinnati, and interior pass rush is a question mark with Jarran Reed leaving in the offseason, so again, if Atkins is ready physically and the two sides can make things work from a money standpoint, then sure, that addition could make a lot of sense.

That's not to say either addition is a sure thing or immanent—players visit teams all the time without signing for a myriad of reasons—but general manager John Schneider takes pride in being involved in just about every possible move and he is constantly looking for ways to improve the team, and one or both of those players very well could help with that goal.

@TB12isThanos asks, "Are we going to get another cornerback before the regular season?"

A: As mentioned in the previous answer, the Seahawks are always looking at everything, so it's certainly possible, but unless injuries become a problem, I'm not sure the team sees that as a big need. When Carroll was asked during the offseason about the possibility of adding Richard Sherman, he didn't dismiss the idea, but he also made it clear that at the time he liked the competition Seattle had going at cornerback and wanted to see that play out. While D.J. Reed hasn't been able to get on the field of late due to injury, I otherwise get the impression the Seahawks like the competition they have going with the likes of Ahkello Witherspoon, Tre Flowers, Tre Brown, Damarious Randall and Pierre Desir.

Again, never say never, but I'm just not sure there are a lot of options out there who could step in and immediately compete with the players already here.

@hollberry03 asks, "If you could switch lives with one Seahawks player for one day, who would it be?"

A: DK Metcalf, just to experience what it's like to run that fast. I might also walk around shirtless all day, or at least in one of his pregame crop tops.

@chuchitorv asks, "Is water wet?"

A: On one hand, you can argue water itself isn't wet, but rather a liquid that makes something else wet. On the other hand, the cause of something being wet must itself be wet, right? I dunno, apparently this is quite the debate on the internet these days and I don't have a very strong opinion either way. It is, fun, however, to watch Denver Broncos players have a heated debate on the topic.

@kimberlymc25 asks, "Is pumpkin spice coffee/beer overrated?"

A: Yes… Hopefully my wife, who loves all things pumpkin flavored in the fall, isn't reading this. And look, I enjoy an occasional pumpkin beer or pumpkin-infused coffee drink, but there is definitely too much pumpkin in too many of our drinks this time of year.

The 12s showed up in numbers at Lumen Field to watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in their second preseason game of the year on August 21, 2021.

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