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Seahawks Mailbag: Pass Rush Improving, DK Metcalf's Route Running & More

You had Seahawks questions; we have answers.


The Seahawks earned a thrilling, overtime win in Detroit on Sunday, a game Pete Carroll referred to as “an opportunity captured” as his team bounced back from a season-opening loss in impressive fashion. Next up is a home game against Carolina during which the Seahawks will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Super Bowl-winning 2013 squad, but before we turn our attention that game, it's time once again to open up the mailbag and answer questions from you, the fans. As always, thanks to everyone who asked questions this week, and apologies if I wasn't able to get to yours this time around. And remember, the mailbag is always open for submissions at

All right, let's get to it…

@WasEinHamburg asks, "When will the pass rush get off to the races?"

A: The hope for the Seahawks is that the pass rush got going in the second half in Detroit and can build off of that.

While the pass rush was definitely a concern in the opener, and was again quiet in the first half in Detroit, the Seahawks were able to affect Jared Goff more in the second half of that game. After recording no sacks and only two quarterback hits against the Rams, who attempted 38 passes, the Seahawks had none of either in the first half against the Lions, which is obviously not great pass-rush production through six quarters.

But starting with a Tre Brown sack, the Seahawks began getting more pressure on Goff, and not coincidentally the defense started getting more stops. One play after Brown's sack, the Seahawks pressured Goff into a rushed throw, which Brown intercepted and returned 40 yards for a touchdown, and later in the game Dre'Mont Jones added his first sack as a Seahawk, one of six quarterback hits in the half.

With three new starters on the defensive line—Jones, Jarran Reed and Mario Edwards Jr.—it was probably inevitable that it would take a little time for that group to start playing off each other as well as they will as the season goes along, so knowing that, the hope is that the two sacks and six quarterback hits in the second half Sunday were a sign of what's to come.

"Particularly, the guys that didn't play much in the preseason, it's going to take some time," Carroll said. "We'll get better. We rushed yesterday better than we did the week before and so that's a good improvement for us. We'd like to get more. We'd like to get a couple of more hits on the quarterback. They did a nice job. (Goff) is really quick with the football and it's a challenge to get to him. He played like he's been playing. He's an efficient, sharp, quarterback. He played a lot like (Matthew) Stafford did. There's a lot of similarities; very similar systems and the rhythms were very much the same. We rushed a little bit better yesterday. We'll see how we do, keep improving."

@HolliWinters asks, "What's up with the running game? Seems like there is very little running so far?"

A: You're correct that the overall rushing numbers haven't been great so far, with the Seahawks rushing for 85 yards on 18 carries in Week 1, and 82 yards on 25 carries last weekend. But there have also been some good moments, including Kenneth Walker III's two touchdowns and crucial fourth-down conversion on Sunday, as well as the fact that the Seahawks averaged 4.7 yards per carry in the opener, a game that saw almost all of the production come in the first half before the offense struggle in the second half, picking up just one first down.

Asked about Walker and the running game on Monday, Carroll said, "We were not consistent… We have to clear things up and get (Walker) downhill and make sure that we're consistent. We just have to run the ball better and hit it more cleanly than we did."

William from North Pole, Idaho asks, "Doesn't it feel like DK Metcalf has picked up some BOBO'isms (new jukes)?"


A: First off, love that Bobo acronym, so if you're the one who came up with it, congrats on that. Secondly, you are correct that Metcalf has shown off some very strong route-running skills in the first two games, including the route that got him wide open for a touchdown in Week 1, then the work he did last weekend to get open for a 16-yard gain on third-down during the winning drive in overtime.

And while Metcalf himself has pointed out that he and other receivers are learning from Bobo despite his status as an undrafted rookie, I'm going to give more credit here to Metcalf and receivers coach/offensive passing game coordinator Sanjay Lal. As players often point out when asked about Lal, their position coach is as detailed as it comes when breaking down route-running, and he has spent a lot of time with Metcalf over the years going over the finer points of his craft. The (somewhat exaggerated) critique of Metcalf coming into the league was that he was limited as a route-runner despite all his impressive physical traits. And while it's true that Metcalf wasn't asked to do as many different things in college as he in the NFL, he has shown while transition to the professional level that he has a lot more route-running talent than he was given credit for as a draft prospect, and it's a skillset he has only further developed in recent years.

Speaking of Bobo…

@McPooPooFart asks, "The Seahawks are 1-0 when Jake Bobo has at least one reception and 0-1 when he does not. DO you think Bobo could see an expanded role in the offense given these trends?"

A: I mean, you're not wrong, Bobo did have one catch in Week 2 after zero in the opener. Plus, it's hard to argue with facts like that, especially given that very serious Twitter handle of yours.

@MilesDaily asks, "What is Jason Peters' role in Week 3 if Charles Cross still can't go? Do they still roll with Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan?" And XRay_Bird asks, "Do you think Forsythe and Curhan can replicate that performance?"

A: Pete Carroll raved about the play of Curhan and Forsythe after the game, saying they "did a phenomenal job" filling in for Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas. With Lucas on injured reserve, the Seahawks will be without their right tackle for at least three more games, while the status of Cross, who has a toe injury, is still uncertain for this week. If Cross misses more time, my guess would be that the Seahawks go with Curhan and Forsythe again given how well they played, though to Miles' question, perhaps Jason Peters because part of the equation at some point once he gets himself into game shape.

As for whether or not that performance was replicable, I'm not saying they'll be mistake free every week, but if Forsythe and Curhan can hold up that well against a good defensive front while playing in a very, very loud environment like they faced at Ford Field, then I like their chances of playing well going forward.

Daisy from Woodbridge, Virginia asks, "Is it a big concern that Jason Myers has missed field goals in each game?"

A: I mean, it's not ideal, but the good news is that the Seahawks were able to overcome those misses and win last weekend. And a lot more important than my opinion on the topic is that of the team's head coach, and Pete Carroll said Monday he has all the confidence that the team's Pro Bowl kicker will bounce back to last year's form, when he only missed three kicks all season long.

"He's been hitting the ball well in practice and all of that," Carroll said. "I just believe in him and trust in him and figure he's going to get back on track."

Go behind the scenes with team photographer Rod Mar as he shares moments from the Seahawks' thrilling overtime victory over the Detroit Lions in Detroit, MI on September 17, 2023. Eye on the Hawks is presented by Western Washington Toyota Dealers.

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