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Seahawks Mailbag: (Not) Speculating On Offseason Moves, Targeting DK Metcalf & More

You had Seahawks questions; we have answers.


The Seahawks are back at home this week, looking to snap a three-game losing streak when they host the San Francisco 49ers. But before we turn our attention to this week's game, it's time once again to open up the mailbag and answer questions from you, the fans. As always, thanks to everyone who asked questions this week, and apologies if I couldn't get to yours this time around.

@12Hawksfootball asks, "If the Seahawks go 6-0, can we make the 7th seed?"

A: Love the optimism, and yes, I think a 9-8 team definitely has a decent chance at making the playoffs, especially in the NFC where outside of the division leaders, only two teams, the Rams and the 49ers, currently have winning records. That being said, the Seahawks are going to have to fix some issues, particularly on offense, if they're going to win six in a row after losing six of their last seven games. There's a lot of talent on Seattle's roster and plenty of belief inside the locker room, but winning six in a row is a tough task for any team, let alone one that has been struggling. That being said, if Russell Wilson and the offense can get going, the Seahawks have the talent to be dangerous down the stretch.

@shadow_artist22 asks, "What kind of moves do you think you'll make during the offseason?"

A: Me? I'll probably make a move to get some work done around the house that gets neglected during the season, spend a lot of quality time with my kids, hopefully get some skiing in, maybe travel a little… Oh, by "you" you meant the Seahawks, not the guy writing this, huh?

In that case, while I completely get that fans and media want to talk about who is and isn't going to be back next year, and yes, more significant changes tend to happen when teams are losing, it's really not appropriate for me, a reporter employed by the team, to speculate on the futures of players or coaches. I appreciate the question, it's just really not one I can address.

@Luisosgo asks, "Why is DK not part of Russ' looks anymore?"

A: DK Metcalf is definitely part of Russell Wilson's looks just about every time he drops back to pass, but you're right that Metcalf isn't always targeted as often as you might expect for receiver of his abilities, and on Monday, he wasn't targeted in the first half at all.

Sometimes an opposing defense can affect how often a receiver is targeted by how they cover him, and Metcalf certainly draws a lot of attention from most teams, but as Wilson himself said Monday after the game, "Obviously we need to get DK the football."

Wilson went on to explain, "We actually called several plays for him. He had a sweet deep cross that he was going to be wide open for, maybe even a touchdown, but I had to move. That's the one I threw to AC (Alex Collins) down the left sideline. That was unfortunate because that was after the big play to Tyler (Lockett) and then here comes DK on a big play hopefully… That was going to be a cool play. Then we called some other stuff for him and they doubled him. We called two plays and they doubled him on those. That was the third quarter. Had some other things. He's one of the best football players in the world. You've got to get him the football, got to find ways to do it, got to move him around some more maybe. We're going to study it and see what we can do."

Said Pete Carroll, "It's not because we weren't trying and looking to him and trying to get that ball to him. He's involved in all of the calls, but sometimes the coverage gets in the way of it, and you have to go other places and make the right decision there. At this point (immediately after a game), I can't tell you that we overlooked him in this situation. They did a nice job at times, but he's certainly part of everything that we're calling."

In other words, a quiet game for Metcalf doesn't mean Wilson isn't looking his way, and the Seahawks know it's in their best interest to get the ball to one of their top playmakers. Of course, it would also help if the offense is more successful in general, leading to more plays being run, some of which could be passes to Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and everyone else.

@rileybroor asks, "How do I dull the pain?"

A: @mzjess_nicole provides an answer: "Hennessy."

Drink responsibly though.

@KidAndy24 asks, "What's the best way to get into the sports industry heading into college next fall?"

A: Hi Andy. Not knowing what type of role in the sports industry you are looking to get into, it's a little hard to offer specific advice, but the good news is that, assuming you're going to a college with athletic programs, that's a great way to get your foot in the door in a number of fields. If you want to be a sports writer (nooooo! ... Just kidding… Mostly) you can write for that school's newspaper and cover the college teams. If you're interested in being an athletic trainer, there's usually opportunities there for students within that department. Photography, video, social media? Yep, you can find ways to do all of that covering your college's team as well.

And here's the other thing, with a few exceptions, most people established in their profession needed somebody to help them along the way, and in turn are willing to help those interested in their field, so if there's somebody whose work you admire, don't hesitate to contact that person if you can find an email, or short of that via social media. Odds are pretty good you'll hear back and get some feedback.

@hollyberry03 asks, "What's the best part of being a Seahawks reporter or a sports reporter as a whole?"

A: While it may not be the case for everyone, I'd guess most of us, myself included, got into this industry at least in part because we're sports fans, so one of the best things is simply being able to watch sports, be around them, and tell interesting stories, and being able to call that a job. My job isn't always easy, and the hours (lots of late nights and weekends) can be rough, but it's a job that's never boring. And if you are in this industry, you'll get to witness some pretty cool events like Super Bowls or Olympics, and even if you're at that for work, it's a memory you won't ever forget.

But beyond that, with this job in particular the best part might just be the people I work with, travel with and in general spend a huge percentage of my time away from home with for most of the year. It might sound cliché, but there really is a sense of family here, a sense of, if you will, Ohana.

Seahawks players, dancers, and staff will wear custom designed cleats and shoes supporting causes they feel passionate about during Week 13 vs. the San Francisco 49ers on December 5.

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