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Seahawks Mailbag: Getting Back On Track, Possible Lineup Changes & More

You had Seahawks question; we have answers.


The Seahawks lost their second straight game to fall to 1-2, and now they'll turn their attention to their first NFC West game of the year, a Week 4 trip to the Bay Area to play the 49ers. And since it's Tuesday, it's time once again to open up the mailbag and answer some question from you, the fans. As always, thanks to everyone who asked a question this week, and apologies if I couldn't get to yours this time around.

Mike Dealy from Ritzville, WA, asks, "Help talk me off the ledge. How can the offense get on track and be consistent and what signs are there that the defense can turn things around?"

A: While it's understandable that fans aren't happy with what they've seen the past two games—or at least for the past six quarters—I do think it's way, way too early for the level of panic we're seeing from some folks who want to start firing everyone after three games.

From a big-picture standpoint, I'm confident the Seahawks will get going because the two people who GM John Schneider often refers to as the most important people in the build—the head coach and the quarterback—are two of the best in the world at what they do, and they both have a pretty darn good track record of winning, particularly together. Since Russell Wilson arrived in Seattle, the Seahawks have had nine straight winning seasons, made the playoffs eight times, and won four NFC West titles while finishing second in the division the other five times, so I'm going to bet on that long-term success being more predictive than six bad quarters.

As for your specific questions about the offense and the defense, we've obviously seen a lot of good things from the offense, but the great first halves have yet to carry over into the second half, with the Seahawks scoring only 13 points in three games after halftime. Given the talent Seattle has on offense, as well as the fact that everyone is still getting used to a new offense, I think we'll see that unit continue to grow over the next few weeks and hopefully put together some more complete performances. And just as the offense can help the defense by sustaining drives and staying on the field, if the defense can get on track, that will help the offense score more points. Against the Vikings, for example, every short drive on offense in the second half stood out because the defense was giving up long drives, meaning the offense barely got on the field. But if the defense starts getting quicker stops and some turnovers, then the occasional three-and-out for the offense won't stand out so much if it's getting a few more possessions each half.

Defense, obviously, is where we've seen the biggest issues so far, and neither Carroll nor his player are hiding from the fact that they need to get better on that side of the ball. So how do things improve there? As Carroll noted Monday, a lot of what is going wrong feels familiar to the first half of last season, and while it's obviously not ideal that some of the same issues are coming back up, it's also worth remembering that the defense did eventually figure out a lot of its issues and finish the season playing like one of the NFL's best defenses in the second half of the season. Seeing as the Seahawks are 1-2 and facing some tough NFC West foes, they can't wait until the midway point to fix things, but if the defense can just start making some incremental improvements, with the offense building off of what it has done so far, then the Seahawks have the talent to get on a roll and start winning a lot of games.

@cheech_fn asks, "Will we see a change at cornerback?"

A: Are the Seahawks ready to make a change to one of their two starting spots at corner? I'm not sure if that move is coming or not. But will we see another corner get some playing time? That seems likely to happen, perhaps as soon as this week.

While he wasn't speaking only about cornerbacks at the time, Carroll said when asked about making any changes to the lineup, “We’ll take a look at everything,” so it's probably safe to assume there will be competition at some spots. And to get enough information to really make a good evaluation, Carroll is probably going to want to see players in game settings, so yeah, I could see Sidney Jones IV or Bless Austin, or when he returns from injured reserve, Tre Brown, getting some series in place of current starters D.J. Reed and Tre Flowers.

@ThatWiiMaster asks, "How are the Seahawks' chances in the division looking?"

A: If the season were five or six games long, they'd be pretty bad, but with 14 games still to play, including two each against all of their NFC West foes, I think the odds aren't a heck of lot worse than they were a couple of weeks ago. Winning the division was always going to be a big challenge for every team given how good all four teams are, so it was always going to be really important to do well in those NFC West games, and again, the Seahawks haven't played any of them.

Again, I'm expecting the Seahawks to get back on track and win a lot of games, and I think they'll be in the mix come December and January. Does falling behind the Rams and Cardinals by two games early on make it a little tougher? Of course, but again, there's 14 games left and a heck of a lot can happen.

Diego Ayala from Las Vegas asks, "Any update on Tre Brown? When will he be back?"

A: Carroll didn't give a specific update on Brown when asked about him, Cedric Ogbuehi and Colby Parkinson, all of whom are eligible to return as soon as this week, but he spoke as if all could return to practice soon, and when those three went on injured reserve in Week 1 Carroll said all should be back soon after the required three weeks were up. So while it's too soon to know if Brown will be on the field this week, I'd imagine we'll see him practicing soon and building towards his NFL debut in the coming weeks.

@ramdonomo asks, "What's good to watch after these Seahawks games? Need something to keep us distracted?"

A: Going back to some of the earlier questions, I fully expect things to get better, thus eliminating the need for a postgame pick-me-up, but that being said, it's always nice to have something good to watch after a game, win or lose.

If you're a regular reader of the mailbag, you know I'm going to say Ted Lasso. If you're not watching that, you should be. And if you are and you enjoy it, make sure you've seen Scrubs too, which was created by Bill Lawrence, who is also a co-creator of Ted Lasso. There's a million other shows I could recommend, and I'm by no means a TV expert—for example, I haven't watched some incredibly popular shows like The Sopranos or Game of Thrones—but to name just a few that I've enjoyed the most over the years, in no particular order: Friday Night Lights, Archer, The Wire, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 24, Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, The Americans, How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, The West Wing, Sports Night or just about anything by Aaron Sorkin—yes, even Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip—all of the Netflix Marvel series other than Iron Fist, Californication, The Watchmen, and if you like very dark and twisted comedy, The Boys.

Go behind the scenes with team photographer Rod Mar as he shares moments from the Seattle Seahawks' 30-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on September 26, 2021. Eye on the Hawks is presented by Western Washington Toyota Dealers.

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