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Seahawks Mailbag: Fans Share Their Favorite Pete Carroll Memories

This week’s Seahawks mailbag is all about fans showing their appreciation for Pete Carroll.


Originally the plan this week was to do an end-of-season Seahawks mailbag, answering your questions about the season that was, about the offseason ahead and whatever else you all had in mind. But with Wednesday's news that the Seahawks and Pete Carroll had come to the decision to end his tenure as head coach, we're changing things up and using this space for you, the fans to share some of your favorite memories or stories about the winningest coach in franchise history. We'll get back to your regularly-scheduled mailbag soon, for now, we're giving Carroll his well-deserved flowers.

Marco from Bibbiena, Italy

"You made me have fun, you are making me cry, you have excited me and you have made me fall in love with this magnificent team. You created a culture, you gave Football the Legion of Boom, you made history.

"Thank you for everything, Coach Pete Carroll."

Well said, Marco, you nailed it.

For those unfamiliar with Matty, he is one of the biggest football nerds (I mean that in a good way), I've had the pleasure to meet, but he happens to be British, so he isn't around for many things in person, though he does hop on the occasional zoom press conference. I had the pleasure of meeting, and sharing a few beers with, Matty in Munich, but I wasn't aware Carroll had done this after the press conference. Thanks for Sharing, Matty.

Craig from Toronto writes that Marshawn Lynch's "Beastquake" run was the "undeniable moment that my fandom went into the deep end." Craig also shared a link to a post he wrote on linkedin on how Carroll’s leadership style helped him find his own identity, adding, "Pete said yesterday that 'the essence of being as good as you can be is to figure out who you are,' I think he'd be surprised at how many people he helped with that exact challenge of figuring out who they wanted to be."

Thanks for sharing, Craig, one of the unique things about Carroll's tenure in Seattle was how many people's lives he touched outside of football. His philosophies and methods extend far beyond football.

Ellen from Buffalo Creek, Colorado

"When my son was about 12 (now 26) I sat down with him to watch a Seahawks game as a way to connect. It turned out to be the beginning of the wild ride led by Coach Pete. We were hooked. Through the years we continued to gather around the TV as a family or discuss the games over texts when we were not together. I became a weekly press conference viewer. My teens, now mid-20s son and daughter, learned life lessons about teamwork, grit and resilience watching Pete help his players realize their potential. These lessons transfer beyond Sunday football and into their own pursuits.  His impact goes beyond the organization. Coach and his players have touched countless lives. Finally, his energy is an inspiration to those of us who are getting older than we'd like to admit.

"Thank you, Coach Pete. We love you!"

Jon from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"Not only has Pete Carroll been a great coach and earned us our only Lombardi trophy, he - along with other Seahawk leaders - have created an enviable culture of character, community service, and honor. Pete has left us very well and we are grateful for his leadership."

I had never heard about this, nor do I have any clue if it's true, but I'm choosing to believe it because "Pete getting Thurderstix banned in the Pac-10" is a pretty hilarious small addition to his impressive legacy

This is a great one. Obviously that Super Bowl XLIX loss really stung, but the way Carroll handled it immediately after, and moving forward, including into what ended up being a really good 2015 season, was one of his best moments. Great example of facing adversity head on and moving forward.

Indeed, Pete was great with the press conference quips. His favorite, which I always enjoyed—and occasionally ended up on the receiving end of—was when someone would ask, "How do you plan on handling/dealing with, etc." a certain situation, and Carroll would pause for a beat and say, "really well" with a big grin on his face.

Named head coach on January 11, 2010, Pete Carroll became the eighth head coach in Seahawks history after one of the most successful runs in USC history in the college ranks. Take a look at photos from throughout his time in Seattle.