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Seahawks Injury Updates Ahead Of Week 2 Trip To Detroit

Seahawks injury updates from Pete Carroll ahead of the team’s Week 2 trip to Detroit.


The Seahawks will head to Detroit this weekend without both of their starting tackles, as Charles Cross has been ruled out due to a toe injury, and Abraham Lucas is on injured reserve for a knee injury that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said will require a "procedure" in the coming days.

"He's having a procedure done that we've done with a couple of other guys and it's worked out really well," Carroll said. "It takes a little bit of time, we've got to see how it goes with him. Each guy's different. We're going to try to fix him up."

Carroll said he did not have a timeline for Lucas' return. On a positive note, Cross is making progress from the toe injury that knocked him out of last week's game, but just not enough to play this weekend.

"He's making progress," Carroll said. "He's not going to make the trip, but he's making progress. He's not ready yet."

Asked about Seattle's Week 3 game against Carolina, Carroll said, "there's a chance" Cross could return.

With those two out, the Seahawks are expected to go with Stone Forsythe at left tackle and Jake Curhan at right tackle.

"I feel good that Jake and Stone are going to play for us, and the other guys who are ready to go as well at tackle," Carroll said. "Jake played against these guys last time we were there and did a nice job, and Stone's ready to go too. Really, we're impressed with the new guys we brought in, and we'll see how that works out, but they'll give us a good boost. I'm glad these guys are going to answer the call, they know what they're doing."

Veteran tackle Jason Peters, who signed to the practice squad this week, had a good first day with the team, but isn't ready to play this weekend.

"He won't be able to get there," Carroll said. "It's too soon, it's too much to ask. He had a fantastic first few days with us, but we can't get that done yet… Jason was phenomenal for his first week."

Also out this week, though making good progress, is safety Jamal Adams, who returned to practice for the first time this week. 

"Jamal had a great week," Carroll said. "I sent him his highlights from yesterday's practice this morning just so he can have his own reel of his stuff, and we'll get another little highlight reel today. He's hauling butt all over the field and he's having fun. Unencumbered, bursting, sprinting, changing direction, wrapping guys up when he's hitting guys, the whole thing, he's doing it all. This is a huge week for him. Next week I think we'll let him go full-go, get all the reps in next week and see where we are at the end of that week."

The Seahawks will also be without rookie defensive lineman Mike Morris, who is dealing with a shoulder injury that first flared up in camp, though Morris did play last weekend.

"Mike's got a sore shoulder, and we're working through it," Carroll said. "He played with it last week—we wanted to see and he wanted to see how it would be playing ball after being out for a couple of week. We're seriously looking after it again this week. We're going to take care of him.

The Seahawks have two players listed as questionable, outside linebacker Boye Mafe (knee) and linebacker Devin Bush (shoulder), and both will be game-day decisions.

On Mafe, Carroll said, "We're going to go to game-day and give him all the rest we can possibly give him. He practiced yesterday and ran around pretty well and all of that, but we just want to make sure we give him every chance to get clear from the little bit of swelling that he had and see if he can do it."

And on Bush, he said, "He banged his shoulder in the game, and we're going to take all the time to see if he's coming back to us. He's ready to go if we need him, but we'd like to take care of him. We'll wait until we get all the way to gameday."

One player not on the final injury report is rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon, who is expected to make his NFL debut after missing the opener due to a hamstring injury.

"He was on fire, he had a blast," Carroll said of the first-round pick's week of practice. "He's been waiting so long to get to this point. He was active, impressive in his coverage, fits, all that stuff, he did everything. He had a really good week."

Asked if Witherspoon will play nickel corner or be used outside, Carroll said, "He's practicing all over the place," later adding, "It's going to be really fun to get him out there. He's a really good ball player."

The Seahawks and Lions face off on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023 at Ford Field. Kickoff is set for 10:00 a.m. PT. Take a look back through history at the Seahawks' matchups against the Lions.

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