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Seahawks Injury Updates Ahead Of Preseason Opener At Las Vegas

Injury updates from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll ahead of the team’s trip to Las Vegas. 


Tight end Colby Parkinson, one of the standouts in the first two weeks of training camp, re-injured the broken foot that caused him to miss much of his rookie season, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Friday.

Carroll indicated that the injury is not as serious as last year's, but that it will still keep Parkinson out for a while.

"He reinjured his foot, the foot that he had the problem with before, really right in the same spot," Carroll said. "It was on a play that you couldn't even tell, he didn't do anything sudden at all, he just felt a little something happen in there. He's way better off than he was the first time he got hurt, he's getting around and all that kind of stuff. But we're really disappointed, because he was having a fantastic camp, and we really had hopes that he had a role he could fit in, he was looking like it. Of course, we had to get through the games and all, but he really sparked really early. So we'll look forward to him coming back, it's going to be a bit.

Asked about the specifics of the injury, Carroll said, "He had a bone in his foot that was broken the first time, and it's hurt right in the same spot. How broken it is? I don't know. He's got a screw in his foot already, so we've got to wait and see what that all means. We're going for multiple opinions on this one."

In much more positive news, the Seahawks are expecting to get rookie receiver D'Wayne Eskridge and running back Travis Homer off of the physically unable to perform list next week.

"We're going to take the wrapping off of him next week," Carroll said of Eskridge, Seattle's first pick in the 2021 draft. "We're excited to get him back. He looks fantastic in his workouts. He looks great. We've got to make sure before he really gets into full-speed action that he's back and in condition for that, but as far as his power and his strength, (change of direction) all that kind of stuff, he's back. We're really looking forward to that… Travis Homer is at that same point too. Both of those guys are ready to bounce back next week."

While any player dealing with even a minor injury will be held out in the preseason, Carroll would not go into detail on how much starters will play or if any healthy veterans would be rested for the game.

"All of the questions about who's playing and how we're doing it and all of that, you've got to wait and see," Carroll said Friday. "You'll see how that works out. Sorry. Guys that are banged up or guys that need treatment that will benefit from it will stay, and we'll take everybody that's ready to play."

As for other injuries, Carroll said cornerback D.J. Reed, who has a groin injury, won't play this weekend. Also expected out is running back Rashaad Penny, who has a quad injury, though Carroll said of Penny, "Next week should be a really big week for him, he's really close too. We're going to get a kind of an influx of guys returning next week that'll give us a good boost."

Tight end Tyler Mabry, who left Thursday's practice early, has a sprained foot, Carroll said.

On guard Damien Lewis, who has been limited in his practice time this week, Carroll said, "He's OK. He's got a little something in his oblique area, something that we're just making sure it doesn't turn into something bigger. He's not injured, but we're holding it back. He's done some of the work anyway, but we're trying to keep him from punching right now."

Receiver Penny Hart won't play this weekend either, the result of an ankle injury from last week's mock game, but Carroll is expecting him back next week: "I can't believe he won't make it back. Penny's just such a hard-nosed guy, I can't believe he won't make it back. He looks good moving around right now. The weekend will be really important for him."

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