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Seahawks Host Make-A-Wish Visitors at Friday's Practice

The Seahawks' latest visit from Make-A-Wish kids is "pretty powerful" both for players and their guests.

Make-A-Wish kids Christian, Cody, and Srikar had their wishes granted today meeting the team and touring the VMAC during practice on Friday.

Cody Norquist is documenting his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and plans to turn it into a movie when he has won his fight with the disease, and on Friday, the 17-year-old from Olympia gathered some good material as he visited Seahawks practice along with other Make-A-Wish kids whose wish was to visit Seahawks practice to meet players and head Coach Pete Carroll. They will also attend Sunday's game against Arizona.

"It's been great," Norquist said after meeting Pete Carroll and some of his favorite players like Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin, Richard Sherman and Jeremy Lane. "It's a blessing."

Norquist has been battling Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma since being diagnosed in February and is awaiting a stem cell transplant, but on Friday he was able to enjoy interacting with some of his favorite athletes, collecting autographs, snapping selfies, and having Lynch jokingly tell him, "Don't squeeze my hand so hard" when the two shook hands.

"This was really great," said Rita Norquist, who adopted Cody when he was a newborn having already adopted his older sister, Moira. "It was so exciting for him. He's been a Seahawks fan for a long time, so when he found out Make-A-Wish was going to send him here, he was really excited."

Cody is the 12th child adopted by Rita Norquist making him, "my 12th man, because he's the baby," she said. "… He is the toughest kid. He is so tough. His dad died eight years ago of cancer, and on Facebook he'll write things like, 'My dad started this battle and couldn't win. I'm determined to win this battle for my dad.'"

Also attending Friday's practice was 10-year-old Christian Still, who is battling cystic fibrosis, and made the trip from Austin, Texas to see his favorite team. Still didn't just get an autograph from Lynch, his favorite player, on his jersey, he also had Lynch sign a copy of the new "Call of Duty" video game that features Lynch, and he received some encouragement from Lynch who told Still, "you stay strong" while playfully pulling his stocking cap over his face.

As is usually the case in situations like this, the players got as much out of the Make-A-Wish visit as the kids did.

"For them to be in the situation they are in, and for that to be their thought that they want to see us, it's pretty powerful," Baldwin said. "It means a lot to us."

While Lane may not be the most famous Seahawk, he is one of Norquist's favorite players, and was summoned out of the locker room to meet him.

"It's powerful to understand that they want to come see the Seahawks, then when they call you out, I want to see a certain guy, it lights me up," Lane said. "It made me feel good I could go out there and show them a little love."

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