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Seahawks Hope To Get Jadeveon Clowney Back & Other Injury Updates From Pete Carroll On 710 ESPN Seattle

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll provided several injury updates during his Monday appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle.


The Seahawks got some bad news on the injury front Sunday, with running backs Chris Carson and C.J. Prosise going down with season-ending injuries.

In addition to those injuries, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll also revealed on Sunday that left tackle Duane Brown needed knee surgery, which took place Monday morning. But there's also some positive news on the injury front. In addition to dropping some pretty significant news about who might come in to help at running back, Carroll said Monday on 710 ESPN Seattle that a couple of key defensive players could make it back for a Week 17 showdown with the 49ers that will decide the NFL West title.

Jadeveon Clowney, who has missed the past two games due to illness and a core-muscle injury, has a good shot at getting back, Carroll said, as does cornerback Shaquill Griffin, who has missed two games with a hamstring injury.

"I think J.D.'s playing," Carroll said "I don't think there's any question he's going to play. He was close this week, but he wasn't right. Because this is kind of the last game on the schedule, he's going for it, I would think, unless he just can't, and if he can't, he can't. I know he's fired up, he wants to contribute and be a part of this thing too. It's killing him not to play."

Of Griffin, Carroll said, "He'll practice this week, and I think he, kind of like J.D. has a really good chance to play this week. He almost made it last time, so I think they've got a good shot. They've still got to prove it, but I'm thinking they're going to make it based on what happened as they went into the weekend almost there."

Safety Quandre Diggs, who missed Sunday's game with an ankle injury, is facing a tougher road back to make it for this week's game, but Carroll wouldn't rule that out.

"Maybe a little bit farther (from playing than Clowney or Griffin), because I haven't seen him," Carroll said. "Those guys were able to do some work, do some things this week. But I know Quandre, he's going to do everything he can to play. He's got a great mentality about it."

In addition to providing updates on those players, Carroll confirmed that Carson is definitely out for the season, saying, "He has a fracture in his hip from a real violent shot he took, hit the ground with his knee. So he won't be able to play."

Carroll said there are no concerns about Carson's long-term future, saying it is similar to the injury Lano Hill suffered last season.

As for Brown, there is a chance he gets back if the Seahawks can keep their season going for a few weeks.

"He's already out (of surgery), and it went really well," Carroll said. "They're hoping for two to three weeks. If we can be fortunate to be successful here as we get rolling in the playoffs, it gives him a chance. That was the reason that we rushed him to go get it done."

Left guard Mike Iupati left the game with a stinger, though he was eventually able to make it back into the game.

"Mike's a warhorse, man, he's going to go, I would think," Carroll said. "But he was banged up, he did tough it out and stayed in there and really played pretty well."

Despite all the injuries, Carroll said the Seahawks have to move forward and not focus on who isn't playing in the coming week.

"We just keep going," Carroll said. "That dynamic doesn't change. There's not a point where there's a threshold where you give into it, you just keep rolling. This isn't the first time anybody's had to overcome odds and difficulties and challenges and all, we just have to do it really well and really focused and directed and tuned-in, and we've got to take full advantage of everybody that we've got that's ready to roll and go play a football game."

Game action photos from the Seattle Seahawks' Week 16 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

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