Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll Approves of Macklemore's 'Air Monarchs' Purchase

Seattle rapper Macklemore recently swooped up a pair of 'Air Monarchs' in support of Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll.

When passing through North Bend, Washington, the city's outlet mall located just off the freeway is a popular stop for travelers heading east or west on Interstate-90. And judging from recent scenes on his Snapchat account, Seattle-native hip-hop artist Macklemore paid a visit to the town's Nike Factory Store on Monday, picking out some Seahawks-themed swag in the process.

"Jordan, cool. Lebron, cool. That's what's up," Macklemore says as he browses the athletic shoes the store has for sale. "But them Pete Carrolls though!"

Macklemore quickly pans his camera to a set of kicks nearly identical to the ones Seattle head coach Pete Carroll rocks on the football field. Retailed at just $44.99, Macklemore swooped up a pair of the classic 'Air Monarchs' from the North Bend outlet and promptly put them on his feet.

"Size 11 looking like size 14-and-a-half. C'mon, baby!" Macklemore exclaims, looking down at the wide-toed shoes that Carroll has said he takes in size "quadruple E's."

The next day, coach Carroll took to Twitter to applaud Macklemore's purchase:

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