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Seahawks Have League-High Eight Players Unveiled On NFL Network's Top 100 Players Of 2015

Eight Seahawks appeared on NFL Network's list of the Top 100 Players of 2015.

The Seahawks had a NFL-high eight players appear on NFL Network's ranks of the Top 100 Players of 2015

The Seahawks had a League-high eight players featured on NFL Network's countdown of the Top 100 Players of 2015, rankings that were established solely by the votes of current NFL players.

Below, take a look back at where Seattle's players landed, followed by a bit of commentary from their NFL peers. For NFL Network's full Top 100 listing, head to

No. 9 | RB Marshawn Lynch

S Donte Whitner, Cleveland Browns: "The toughest guy to bring down the National Football League is Marshawn Lynch. By far. There's a lot of guys out there that are probably intimidated by him."

RB Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals: "Marshawn Lynch is the best running back in the NFL right now. Guys are scared to tackle him and he takes every bit of advantage of that."

RB Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs: "The guy is strong, can run you over, stiff arm about five people and still won't go down."

DE Robert Quinn, St. Louis Rams: "Such a hard runner. If you think you hit him hard he kind of just smiles at you."

LB Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers: "You can hit him, you can hit him, and he keeps getting back up. He enjoys that part of the game. I don't think it bothers him. … He's tough to judge where he's going to go. I think that's one thing I try to tell everyone. His running style is very unique. He's got a great base, he's wide with his feet. He's not just a downhill guy, he's not just a speed guy. He's kind of got all that incorporated in one package."

LB Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs: "Seahawks. Lynch. Beast Mode. Hands down he runs the hardest in the League. When you hit him, you feel it."

S Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals: "The No. 1 player? Probably Marshawn Lynch. If you're in his way he's probably going to run through you. But he can make you miss, too. A lot of different elements to his game."

No. 11 | CB Richard Sherman

TE Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams: "They don't really throw to his side, nobody really tries him, so I mean that's the respect that he gets across the League."

QB Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: "I like to throw at him. I think I threw at him one too many times and he got me on one."

No. 21 | S Earl Thomas

DE Chris Long, St. Louis Rams: "He's so good it's boring. In my opinion the best safety in the game is Earl Thomas. He's about as good as anybody on the defensive side of the ball. … If you watch film, that phrase 'jumps out at you', that's a guy it really applies to. You're watching a copy of the game and you see an object just fly in there at the last minute and blow somebody up."

TE Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams: "Earl Thomas can run from sideline to sideline in the blink of an eye and he's a ball hawk."

Tyrann Mathieu: "Earl's probably the best safety in football right now. One guy I aspire to be like one day."

No. 22 | QB Russell Wilson

LB Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers: "He can sit back there and throw the ball, he can run the ball, and he can scramble. Anytime you've got that combination it's tough to defend against those guys. … That's one of his best attributes is you can hit him, you can hit him, you can hit him, and then he's going to make a play."

DE Justin Tuck, Oakland Raiders:"All the talent that they have on that football team it takes somebody in the middle of that locker room, in the middle of that practice field to kind of keep the balance and keep the, what I like to call, the sanity of a football team. … A lot of eyes are on him, a lot of eyes have been on him, and he just continues to go out and does what he does."

LB Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Redskins: "His ability to extend the play, it's uncanny. It's unlike anybody I've ever played against, really."

No. 31 | TE Jimmy Graham

LB Craig Roberston, Cleveland Browns:"I covered him a couple times. Ball wasn't thrown, so I was good. But he's a mismatch."

TE Ben Watson, New Orleans Saints: "Whenever they try to put a corner on him he's usually too small. They put a linebacker on him he's usually too slow. A safety is too small and too slow. … As he says in his own words, 'It doesn't matter how many guys, I'm still taller than all of them.' So there's always a place to throw him the football. … He's the red zone threat that they're going to get the ball to."

LB Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers: "You just throw it near him and he's going to catch it. His wingspan is tremendous."

No. 41 | S Kam Chancellor

S Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals: "To see a guy that big able to run as fast as he can and hit as hard as he can, he can intimidate most offenses."

S Kenny Vaccaro, New Orleans Saints: "I've never seen nobody set the edge of a defense like he does, pulling tackles, pulling guards. I've seen him melt them to their knees."

S Patrick Chung, New England Patriots: "He's coming to lay you out, so you've got to know where he is at all times."

FB Tyler Clutts, Dallas Cowboys: "He's a nightmare for guys trying to block on the second level. I haven't hit a safety before and felt like, 'All right, he got the better of me' and it happened a couple of times when we played Seattle. Kam Chancellor is a linebacker playing safety."

DE Calais Campbell, Arizona Cardinals: "Most linebackers can't cover. That's why you put a linebacker in to play the run who can cover OK. You put a safety in to cover the pass, but can't really stop the run. But if you have a guy like Kam Chancellor, who stops the run like a linebacker but then covers better than most safeties, that's like no wonder they're in the Super Bowl."

No. 69 | LB Bobby Wagner

(Wagner on what it means to be ranked in the Top 100...) "I don't know if we put that much stock in it, well myself I don't really. It's a huge honor. You definitely want to be voted high amongst your peers, but I mean like I said it's a lot of room for me to grow." 

(Wagner on where he expects to rank next year...) "I don't know. I guess I'll leave it to you all next year. I'll just ball out so much where it'll force you to put me up there. But I think everybody on this defense has got a role and we accept our role. My role is to get everybody set, make a lot of plays, and fly around. And every time you watch film or watch T.V. I expect you guys to see a lot of [number] 54."

No. 90 | DE Michael Bennett

(Bennett on where his sack dance originated from...) "It all started with [Brandon] Mebane, really. We were trying to see who could have the best dance. Of course, Mebane does the belly roll, and his belly is really big, so my belly wouldn't roll like his. So I was up late one night watching "Ravishing" Rick Rude and he was doing his dance, so I was like you know what, I'm going to do that now. So I went out there and started it. I made it my own."


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