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Seahawks Fan Wins Two Cars On 'The Price Is Right'

Benjamin from Seattle found himself a big winner earlier this week on the hit television game show 'The Price Is Right'

A Seahawks fan took home quite the haul earlier this week on the hit television game show, The Price Is Right.

Benjamin, who was sporting a navy blue t-shirt with the phrase "#GOHAWKS" spelled out in large block letters on the front, was one of four members of the show's studio audience asked to "Come on down!" for a chance to win cash and prizes.

Stationed behind his bidding podium, Benjamin issued the closest of four guesses on a tool package and found himself on stage with The Price Is Right host Drew Carey.

"From up in Seattle?" Carey asked.

"I am!" Benjamin replied.

Benjamin went on to play 'Pass the Buck,' a game featuring cards numbered one through six where four of the cards feature prizes underneath - $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, and a brand new car - and the two other spaces say, 'Lose Everything' - cards you obviously want to avoid. Benjamin went into 'Pass the Buck' with two picks, and on his first selection, he won $1,000.

Benjamin could have walked away right there, but he didn't pause for long - perhaps channeling the Seahawks' 'Always Compete' philosophy - before choosing to use pick number two.

"I hope you're a winner," Carey said as he readied to unveil what lied beneath Benjamin's final choice. "One, two, three … car! You've won a car and $1,000! Congratulations!"

But Benjamin's luck didn't run out there. He was one of two competitors to advance to The Price Is Right's Showcase Showdown to The Showcase, where Benjamin's prize package included a trip to Las Vegas and another car, this one an SUV.

Benjamin's estimation of the package's total price fell more than $5,000 short, but Pamela, The Showdown's other contestant, valued her prize package a bit too high, and if you overvalue your prize package, you're disqualified on the spot. That meant that Benjamin found himself a winner, again.

"Two cars for that dude!" said Carey. "… A lucky day for that guy! $54,746 worth of prizes! How about that?"

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