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Advertising Media Combine Results

The results from the second Media Combine are in.

Seahawks media members, Sea Gals and Blitz competed against each other at the 2017 Media Combine. 

The Media Combine was a success for the second year in a row with participants coming prepared for competitive drills inside the Virginia Mason Athletic Center on Wednesday (in other words, fewer people tripped). 

The event brought together a total of 14 local media members a week before the NFL Combine in Indianapolis from the newspaper, radio, television and online digital outlets. 

Media members recorded results in six different activities: the broad and vertical jump, the 40-yard dash, the 3-cone drill, the bench press and the Pearson Cognitive Assessment. Additionally, they participated in "The Gauntlet," — a workout specifically for wide receivers that tests their ability to make a series of catches while changing direction on the run. 

Seahawks digital media reporter John Boyle performed in the combine and will have a first-hand recap of it all, but until then, let's look at how everyone performed:

40-Yard Dash (seconds)

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3:4.973

John Boyle, 5.278

Adam Loewy, KJR: 5.376

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle: 5.403

Dick Fain, KJR: 5.558

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle:5.621

Blitz, team mascot: 5.821

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter:5.933

Steve Dion, KJR:6.085

Michelle Ludtka, Q13: 6.270

Sea Gal Bronwyn:6.434

Curtis Crabtree, KJR: 6.547

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle:6.615

Sea Gal Melanie:6.804

Matt Mikolas, KJR:6.878

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper: 7.574

Liz Mathews, 10.87 

3-Cone Drill (seconds)

Dick Fain, KJR: 7.40

John Boyle,

Steve Dion, KJR: 7.81

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle: 7.91

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle:8.25

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3: 8.53

Adam Loewy, KJR: 8.56

Blitz, team mascot: 8.81

Michelle Ludtka, Q13: 8.88

Sea Gal Bronwyn:9.00

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle:9.06

Curtis Crabtree, KJR:9.22

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter: 9.32

Matt Mikolas, KJR: 9.66

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper:9.75

Sea Gal Melanie:10.19

Liz Mathews,

Broad Jump (feet, inches)

John Boyle,'2"

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3:7'11"

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle:7'10"

Dick Fain, KJR:7'4"

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle: 7'4"

Blitz, team mascot:6'10"

Steve Dion, KJR: 6'7"

Michelle Ludtka, Q13:6'3"

Adam Loewy, KJR: 5'10"

Matt Mikolas, KJR:5'9"

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter: 5'8"

Sea Gal Bronwyn:5'7"

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle:5'6"

Curtis Crabtree, KJR: 5'

Sea Gal Melanie:4'11"

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper: 4'9"

Liz Mathews,


Vertical Jump (inches) 

John Boyle,"

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3: 25"

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle: 22.5"

Matt Mikolas, KJR: 22.5"

Dick Fain, KJR:22.5"

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle: 22.5"

Adam Loewy, KJR: 22"

Blitz, team mascot: 21.5"

Curtis Crabtree, KJR:18"

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle: 17.5"

Steve Dion, KJR: 17.5"

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter: 16.5"

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper: 15.5"

Sea Gal Bronwyn: 15"

Michelle Ludtka, Q13: 14.5"

Sea Gal Melanie:12"

Liz Mathews, 10.5"

Bench Press (repetitions of 65 Ibs.)

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3: 101

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle:92

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter: 91

Dick Fain, KJR: 70

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle: 61

Adam Loewy, KJR:57

John Boyle, 51

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper: 40

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle:39

Matt Mikolas, KJR:31

Curtis Crabtree, KJR: 30

Steve Dion, KJR: 29

Liz Mathews,

Sea Gal Melanie:12

Michelle Ludtka, Q13:10

Sea Gal Bronwyn: 10


Pearson Cognitive Assessment (answers correct out of 50; 12-minute time limit) 

Anthony Halwagy, Power 93.3: 43

Dick Fain, KJR:41

Mike Salk, 710 ESPN Seattle: 38

Curtis Crabtree, KJR: 36

Brady Henderson, 710 ESPN Seattle: 35

Matt Mikolas, KJR: 34

Danny O'Neil, 710 ESPN Seattle: 33

Shaun Scott, Issaquah Reporter:32

Steve Dion, KJR:25

Michelle Ludtka, Q13: 23

Sea Gal Bronwyn: 23

Sea Gal Melanie: 22

Mazvita Maraire, Facts Newspaper:21

Liz Mathews,

Seahawks media members, Sea Gals and Blitz competed against each other at the second Media Combine. See how their faces compared to their NFL Combine counterparts in the 40-yard dash. 

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