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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Shares Injury Updates On Tyler Lockett And Thomas Rawls On 710 ESPN Seattle

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll shared injury updates on Tyler Lockett and Thomas Rawls during his Monday morning segment with 710 ESPN Seattle.

The Seahawks are back to work Monday after what head coach Pete Carroll described as a "disappointing" loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Seattle struggled offensively against Arizona to fall behind early, then got going in the second half, gaining 297 yards while scoring touchdowns on four of six possessions, but as Carroll noted, the defense struggled to get stops as the offense got on track.

Carroll made his usual Monday appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle to discuss the game, as well as provide injury updates on receiver Tyler Lockett and running back Thomas Rawls.

"We came out of the chutes really off offensively," Carroll said on the 'Brock and Salk.' "Guys were just trying too hard, made a lot of errors, things in the second half we did just right. We put it together, we got rhythm, we were aggressive at the line of scrimmage, we ran it, we threw it, we protected, we did all the things we needed to do. In the first half, we were off. It's disappointing, because here we are late in the season, and we were not clean and clear like we're supposed to be and communicating well and all of that. We were trying really hard, it wasn't about not trying. Everyone was trying overly, and that can get in the way as much as anything that can go wrong sometimes. We settled down at halftime, we came out fine, put up 300 yards and 28 points and all the kind of stuff we needed to do.

"Interestingly, it was kind of flipped," Carroll said, noting that other than the 80-yard touchdown pass to J.J. Nelson, the Seahawks kept the Cardinals in check in the first half. "… It was a really odd game in that regard."

In terms of the injuries, Carroll said that Tyler Lockett had surgery late Saturday night after breaking his tibia and fibula while making a 28-yard catch in the second quarter.

"It was such an unfortunate circumstance for the young guy," Carroll said. "What an unbelievable kid, we love this guy, and all of a sudden he's down on the field after making a great play.

"He had a great surgery. They had to go right at it, and they say in four to six weeks he'll be up moving and getting on the AlterG (treadmill) and working and all that. It's a very secure job they did. They've got some issues with infections they have to fight to make sure he comes through clean, because there was a little break in the skin, but other than that, he has a chance to have a great recovery. This is a remarkable person. He's going to do everything you can do to be right. He'll beat all the records on timeframes coming back."

Lockett's injury hit his teammates hard, including receiver Doug Baldwin, who was "emotional throughout the rest of the game" while setting career-highs with 13 catches for 171 yards.

"It really got him," Carroll said. "These guys are so close, they're like brothers. They've lived together and worked together, and Tyler has been kind of the little brother bringing them up and all that. He's such a loveable guy, that everybody takes to him, so it just broke everybody's heart."

Thomas Rawls, who left the game with a shoulder injury, had not yet had an MRI as of Monday morning, so Carroll was not sure yet of the running back's status for Seattle's Week 17 game at San Francisco.

"I don't know that yet," Carroll said. "He hasn't had an MRI yet. I don't think it's bad, but he did get banged." 

Action photos from Seahawks vs Cardinals during Week 16 at CenturyLink Field.

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