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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Shares Injury Updates On 710 ESPN Seattle

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll gave updates on his team's two Pro Bowl linebackers, as well as a couple of other players hoping to return from injuries.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sat down for his usual appearance on 710 ESPN Seattle Monday morning, and in addition to dissecting his team's loss to the Los Angeles Rams, he also provided a few health updates on his team heading into the final two games of the regular season.

After playing without K.J. Wright Sunday because of a concussion, the Seahawks should get the Pro Bowl linebacker back this week.

"He should be fine," Carroll said on the Brock and Salk Show. "I think he's out of the protocol now."

Linebacker Bobby Wagner did play Sunday despite a hamstring injury that kept him out of practice, and Carroll said that while they pulled Wagner from the game early, he was "no worse off than last week. So he'll be limited this week, and we'll see what happens."

Carroll also explained what went into the decision of playing Wagner against the Rams even with that injury.

"Some players can do it, they can play when they're hindered a little bit and still play football," Carroll said. "He felt good in pregame. Really it went all the way up until Sunday at the workout, 11:30 or something like that, we were right up to it. He really felt confident he could play. I talked to him about it, nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye, 'Are you OK? You know you're probably not going to be able to do everything you normally do, you feel good?' He was really wanting to go, and he did it, and he came out of the game no worse off. And he didn't play poorly, he didn't at all. He missed a couple of fits on things that happen maybe when you miss a week (of practice), but other than that, he played good solid football—not at his top—but his leadership, his ability to command what's going on, make the adjustments and all of that, he's so far ahead of anybody else that could play, the thought was that he could help other guys play well. That's really the consideration, and we just kept our fingers crossed that he wouldn't go too far, and he didn't; he played like a pro. Guys have been doing this for years in this league, you find your way to adapt so you can play, so that's what we asked him to do. As soon as we could see it, we took him out of there."

The Seahawks are hoping to get defensive tackle Nazair Jones back this week following a three-game absence due to an ankle injury.

"It's about that time," Carroll said. "He was getting closer, he has done some running, so he's getting close, but it depends on how he responds to the work."

Running back Chris Carson, who has been on injured reserve since going down with a leg injury in Week 4, has a chance to return to practice this week.

"That's at hand," Carroll said. "We were kind of counting on that coming out of last week, so we'll see if he makes it through Wednesday."

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