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Sea Gals Discover Hong Kong: Previewing The Journey Overseas

The Sea Gals embark on a journey overseas this week, heading to Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Last week, the Hong Kong Tourism Board announced that the Sea Gals will travel to Hong Kong to join an exciting lineup of performers in the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade on February 16. Sea Gal Bronwyn is here to preview and document the squad's journey overseas.

Whether it be the head of raw squid in Tokyo, escargot in Paris, or fried scorpion in an Arizona desert, I've always maintained an I'll-try-anything-once mentality when it pertains to food.  Where my adventurous nature tends to really flourish, however, is with knowledge.  I'm an observer, always seem to have a book in hand, and truly love to learn.  Thus, when Sea Gal director Sherri Thompson announced we'd be traveling to Hong Kong, a place I have not visited and am culturally unfamiliar with, naturally, I was overcome with excitement.  Disclosing first that I am not a gifted mathematician, I've estimated only around 11% of our current team roster has experienced Hong Kong, virtually leaving a blank canvas in many of our minds as to what this destination will bring.

I'll start with what I know.  In 1997, we, the Sea Gals, became the first cheerleaders in the NFL to be invited to perform and celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  Subsequently, we were invited in 1998, 2013, and now again this year.  According to past Sea Gal accounts and our present itinerary, a performance in Hong Kong's Chinese New Year parade, several stage performances, and sightseeing will be in our future.  I'm hopeful a trip back to the wishing trees is on the agenda, which I'm told in 2013 resulted in the Seahawks' Super Bowl victory the very next season.  What I don't know, and am hoping to learn while there, is more about the traditions and origin of the Chinese New Year, local cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, as well as Hong Kong's daily culture, and how it may differ from other core territories of China.

Beginning February 13, our journey to Hong Kong will begin, and as a writer by profession and habit, I will fanatically be documenting our time for you to see.  Whether we're visiting a historical monument, trekking through the local markets, or purchasing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, with the Sea Gals discovering Hong Kong, the possibilities are endless.

Images of the Sea Gals as they travel to Hong Kong to participate in the city's Chinese New Years festivities.

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