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Sea Gals Blog: The Sea Gal of the Year

Sequoia is named the "Sea Gal of the Year".

"Sea Gal of the Year" is a title given to one girl each season, voted on by the rest of the team. While this award is given to only one girl, it is earned by many.

How do you ever really know who to give the game ball to?  With that said, it is an extraordinary honor, and I cherish it deeply because it comes from my peers.  However, there are not enough Sea Gal titles, trips to the Super Bowl or television shows that would ever make Sea Gals worthwhile if I didn't absolutely love the women I work with on this team. 

Each year is a little different, with slightly different girls, and just like the Seahawks I feel that these past two years have come together perfectly.  If you have ever been part of a team, you know that no one person can make a team great.  I'm lucky to stand in the same light as all the other Sea Gals; these are amazing women with big ambitions, even bigger hearts and endless talent. 

I have some of my most precious friendships because of the Sea Gals, and that is truly the ultimate award to be given.

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