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Sea Gals Blog: A Memorable Thanksgiving

Tessa talks about her Thanksgiving experience.

One of the most memorable and fulfilling part of the trip was when a few of the Gals were given the opportunity to visit the soldiers who were in the ICU at the base hospital.  Most of the soldiers were going to be headed back to their home base the next morning so we were able to see smiling faces and celebrate their going home excitement.  Just standing in a room with a soldier who has been injured and who is suffering because they were serving their country was an overwhelming emotion. The feeling is indescribable but all I can do is thank these amazing people.   I felt so honored to be able to shake their hands and thank them for being so brave and for helping keep our country safe.  I wish all of them luck with their recoveries and my thoughts and prayers are with them and their family during this time of recovery.  Thank you for all you have done!

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