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Sea Gal Hope Pro Bowl Diary: Photo Shoots & Rehearsals

It was a busy Day 2 in Hawaii for Sea Gal Hope as the squad shot their official photo card and held the first of many rehearsals.

Images of Sea Gal Hope's trip to Hawaii as she represents the Sea Gals at the 2016 Pro Bowl.

Well, Day 2 was a huge success. We woke up a bit early, most of the girls were still not used to the time change but we were anxious to get to breakfast and meet our staff.

After breakfast, we headed to the pool to take our official team photo. It was so neat to see all of the different uniforms and how proudly each girl wore them. I had seen team pictures from previous pro bowls, so it felt surreal to be apart of it this time. It was definitely one of those "pinch me" moments.

After the photo shoot, we made our way to our first rehearsal as a team, and even though we danced for five hours straight, it felt like minutes. It was so much fun dancing with the other girls and observing some of the different dance styles from each team. We also learned our halftime routine, which will be a performance with the amazing Rachel Platten. I absolutely cannot wait to dance with her live! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

After rehearsal, some of the girls stood up and shared their backgrounds and what prompted them to become NFL cheerleaders. It was so inspiring to hear about a girl who didn't even make her team the first year she auditioned. But she came back and made the team the following year, became a leader on her team her rookie season, and six years later, was selected to be their Pro Bowl cheerleader. What an amazing story about perseverance!

Well, it's time for me to turn in. The work doesn't stop here, but I cannot wait to see Day 3 holds. Aloha!

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