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Sea Gal Hope Pro Bowl Diary: Off to Hawaii

Sea Gal Hope is off to Hawaii to represent the Sea Gals at the 2016 Pro Bowl.

Images of Sea Gal Hope's trip to Hawaii as she represents the Sea Gals at the 2016 Pro Bowl.

Well, today I begin my long journey to Hawaii. It began with an early start at 2 am! I got ready for the day, put on my makeup and business suit, and anxiously headed for the airport. Hawaii, here I come!

I landed in Hawaii and made my way to baggage claim, gawking at all of the 2016 Pro Bowl signs along the way. Is this real? Pinch me! I even ran into a few Seahawks fans along the way. No surprise there! At baggage claim, I met my security team and headed to the hotel with Lauren from the Chargers, Brandi with the Raiders, and Tyesha with the 49ers. We were the first ones to arrive! While I was getting ready for dinner, I met my fabulous roommate, Heather, from the Titans. It's a tradition at Pro Bowl to swap team shirts with your roommate, so we did that, and I am determined to make Heather a Seahawks fan by the time we leave. One can dream, right? We headed to dinner and met up with some of the other girls who arrived a bit later.

After dinner, we of course held an impromptu rehearsal in the hotel. It was just so amazing to finally dance with these amazing women I've been messaging and emailing with these past few weeks. Even though we have never danced together, it feels like we've been on a team with each other for years, we mesh so well. I can't wait to find out more about these amazing women. Well, for now, it's good night. Day 1 is officially over tomorrow the real work begins. Aloha!

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