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Sea Gal Hope Pro Bowl Diary: A Bit of Everything

Sea Gal Hope checks in on Day three of her Pro Bowl adventure after visiting a local hospital and holding more rehearsals.

Images of Sea Gal Hope's trip to Hawaii as she represents the Sea Gals at the 2016 Pro Bowl.

It might be hard to believe, but day 3 was even better than day 2. This morning, we had breakfast and headed out into Honolulu for some shopping. Afterwards, a few of us had some down time before appearances and went to the beach for some fun in the sun. It was so exciting to see everyone wearing their team swimsuits. There were several Hawks fans out on the beach today, so I was in good company!

After the beach, several of us headed to the local women's and children's hospital to visit with some of the patients. The patients and their parents were so grateful for our time there, but I feel like they inspired us even more than we inspired them. Their positive attitudes and perseverance is a true testament to strength.

After our time at the hospital, we headed to rehearsal, where we worked on some of the routines we will be performing at some events this week. We also got fitted for our Pro Bowl rings! This was such an exciting moment as I have seen some of my team mates rings from previous pro bowls, and it felt so unreal to actually be sized for one myself. I couldn't believe it! We also finally got to see our team photo tonight, which was amazing! Several of the girls teared up looking at the photo for the first time- it truly was a magical moment, and we all gathered around and just hugged each other- speechless.

Anyways, tomorrow it's back to rehearsals. I can't wait for Day 4!

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