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Russell Wilson: "If I Can Just Be Half The Dad My Dad Was To Me, I'm Doing Something Pretty Good"

With Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara announcing they have a baby on the way, the Seahawks quarterback says he's excited about new fatherhood.

Earlier this week, Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara announced that they have a baby Wilson on the way, and during his Thursday press conference at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, the Seahawks quarterback was asked if he has any idea when the big day will come.

"Not sure yet, and I probably wouldn't tell you guys yet anyway," Wilson said with a smile. "But it's obviously an exciting thing. Obviously for me and C it's exciting. It's a blessing, that's for sure. To have a child is an amazing, probably the biggest miracle there is in the world, so I'm excited about that."

Wilson and Ciara married this past summer and since then Wilson said he has played the role of stepdad to the 2-year-old son Ciara has from a previous relationship. Wilson, whose own father Harrison Wilson III lost a battle with diabetes in 2010, said he hopes to be "half the dad my dad was to me" as the couple awaits their first child together.

"If I can just be half the dad my dad was to me, I'm doing something pretty good," Wilson said. "I just think constantly loving, constantly being there. Same thing, you know, I am a stepdad too, so it's the same thing there. You just love unconditionally. Love at all costs. I think that's the best thing about it."

Wilson said he has plenty of options among his Seahawks teammates when it comes to who to go to for fatherly advice, pointing to proud dads like Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, and Earl Thomas. 

"You really look up to those guys," Wilson said. "They're such good parents too as well."

As for Bennett's advice to Wilson?

"I'd tell him always let his wife think that she's right and just always try to do as much as you can with your kids every day," he said. "Put everything to the side for them and just enjoy them when you can because they grow so fast."

The Greatest Blessing of All. Forever Grateful. #BabyWilsonOnTheWay

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